11 ways not to migrate to Office 365 [Infographic]

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Instead of telling you how to migrate to Office 365, Veronique Palmer chose a different approach. I came across her article not too long ago that showed 11 ways not to migrate to Office 365 and I thought it was hilarious. So I asked her if we could take those points and turn them into a fun infographic so you can share it with others and spread these funny, but very valuable points.

Migrating to Office 365 is not unlike other big projects

Yesterday it was SharePoint 2013, tomorrow it’ll be 2016 and Office 365. When you’re in charge or looking at migrating to a new platform like this, it’s no easy task. In the past, I shared a blog that came with a recording and slides on 10 reasons your SharePoint migration failed and that is just as valuable today when migrating to Office 365.

Veronique Palmer is in South Africa and the reasons an Office 365 fails are the same as anywhere else. Let’s look at what she had to say:

11 Ways Not to Migrate to Office 365

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People with no SharePoint or Office 365 experience for your migration

This one is tough, but unfortunately true and the leading factor to unsuccessful migrations. You might say that if you don’t do a migration to Office 365 then you’ll never get the experience to do it. And you’re absolutely right, but what we’re saying here is that you should know the platform you’re dealing with before choosing to move pieces of it.

If you’re not familiar with it, I did a grand tour of Office 365 as a webinar that might get you on the way. Regardless, a major part of it is SharePoint.

You’ll want the people in charge of this migration to know what a Content Type is or the importance of the Managed Metadata Service and the Term Sets within as well as everything else within it.

As you migrate to Office 365, you’ll want to figure out what to do with all those pieces and whether or not they fit in new ones like Groups for Office 365 or the Video Portal.

No training, no planning, no governance for Office 365

Before I joined Sharegate, I did a lot more consulting work and also provided training at a certified training center here in Montreal. Needless to say, training isn’t something I put on the side and frankly you shouldn’t either.

I’ve seen people show up for training not knowing why they were here, simply because they had licenses and it would be good to know what it is. Couple of weeks later they’d usually call for help and in other words, the training had served nothing except sell my own services.

You want people to go into training because they already know what they need to do and simply need to learn more about what they’re using to better serve that need.

Though I’ve been talking about in-class training, this can come in many forms as long as it brings value to the people that need it. For one organization, we decided to create over 30 short video capsules that would provide guidelines and training to help them use SharePoint properly and it was very well received.

Planning and Governance aren’t the same thing. Governance is a set of rules and guidelines to help your users better take advantage of the platform in question. If you migrate to Office 365, you want people to be using the right experiences for the right job and help them find the solution to what they need to do without becoming IT professionals themselves. That’s what the Governance Plan is for.

Migrating to Office 365 won’t be easy and there are no shortcuts

Though these 11 points are extremely fun as much as they’re valuable, it goes without saying that the migration won’t be easy. We’re talking about moving File Shares, or the beast that is SharePoint to something a little different and in the cloud.

Take your time, plan and gather the right people to help your chances for a successful migration.

I’ll leave you with the slides for why your SharePoint Migration failed as it’s the same story with Office 365 migrations.

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