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3 reasons to attend ShareGate's (free) virtual Azure event

ShareGate is hosting Deploy, an expert-led virtual event focused on Azure governance

At ShareGate’s Deploy event, Microsoft Azure pros will offer their advice to help you manage your Azure environment more efficiently. Don't miss your chance to connect with the experts at this free online event.

Most of us have had to re-organize our conference plans this year, whether that means moving from in-person to online or postponing our trips until next year. This is clearly the best tactic for keeping each other safe, but we don’t want to postpone all of our opportunities to learn and collaborate.

On May 7, ShareGate is hosting Deploy, a free online event focused on Azure governance. We know how important good governance is to a healthy Azure environment, and we want to offer a platform for the Azure community to continue growing and connecting with each other—even if we have to do so remotely.

Azure governance is the key to efficiency in the cloud

The biggest reason to attend Deploy is so that you can learn how to plan and implement Azure governance best practices from experts.

There’s almost no limit to what and how much you can scale up your business in the Azure cloud. Compared to storing your data, files, and resources in servers, being in the cloud can feel like you have endless possibilities open to you.

But something so large, flexible, and agile is also complex. Without good governance, you can easily lose track of your resources and your costs.

Deploy is a unique new online event, in that it focuses on one of the often-overlooked aspects of the cloud—increasing the efficiency of your cloud investments through governance

Jussi Roine

There’s no one-size-fits-all governance solution, but Microsoft and third parties do offer a lot of tools to help you manage your cloud environment. At Deploy, nine of the top Azure experts will discuss how best to use solutions like Azure Arc, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Policy, and more to create and deploy your own governance plan.

Jussi Roine, an Azure Developer Audience Lead at Microsoft is excited to be speaking at Deploy. “Deploy is a unique new online event, in that it focuses on one of the often-overlooked aspects of the cloud—increasing the efficiency of your cloud investments through governance,” says Roine.

Jussi Roine, Azure Developer at Microsoft, will be presenting Bulletproofing your Azure subscriptions at Deploy

Further your Azure education

We won’t be able to physically attend conferences for the foreseeable future, but we can continue to hone our skills.

“Being proactive and having the desire to continuously improve processes and the technology we use are marvelous instincts for individuals and organizations,” says Stephane Lapointe, Azure MVP and Cloud Solutions Architect at ShareGate.

Stephane will be presenting on the lessons he learned during ShareGate’s cloud journey. “I think this event will help Azure users embrace modern control and deployment approaches to be successful with Microsoft Azure”

Stephane Lapointe, Azure MVP, will be presenting Lessons learned: Improving visibility, accountability, and cost in Azure at Deploy

There are always online classes to take (Pluralsight is offering all of their courses for free in April) and webinars to watch (check out Jussi and Stephane’s webinar on Azure Policy). Deploy offers something a little different.

As a free event held live online, Deploy is accessible to any IT pros who want to learn more about Azure governance. And Deploy provides a platform for interaction with other Azure users and experts.

Collaborate with the Azure community

Despite being a virtual event, one of the aims of Deploy is to bring people together (online). Being able to ask questions, debate theories, learn new shortcuts, and bounce ideas off each other is one of the best ways that we can expand our knowledge.

“We know that when the Azure community is able to come together and exchange ideas, the more we benefit as a whole. We want Deploy to be a platform for collaboration and learning,” says Deploy organizer Frederic Marcoux.

“Attendees will get advice from our expert speakers, ask them questions during the sessions, and engage with them and other users on social media. Deploy is an event for Azure users, led by Azure users,” says Frederic.

Check out all of the Deploy speakers and their presentation descriptions to figure out which ones you’ll attend. (Psst. You can attend all of them if you want to!) 

Thursday, May 7 | 9am-5pm ET

Discover Azure governance best practices from the experts at this one-day virtual event

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