3 recommended updates: Multi-window chat for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld on Microsoft 365 temporary feature adjustments, multi-window chat for Microsoft Teams, and audience targeting in SharePoint site navigation.

ShareGate‘s easy-to-use SaaS tools enable organizations to achieve more than ever before with Microsoft cloud technologies. In our ongoing series, Jasper Oosterveld brings you up to speed on the latest and greatest from the world of Microsoft and Office 365.

I hope you enjoyed the last one—where I discussed updating the classic SharePoint team site home page to the modern template, changing the default sharing link to people with existing access, and the app setup policies in Microsoft Teams.

Let’s move on to the latest installment!

In this release, you’ll find my opinion on Awareness of Microsoft 365 temporary feature adjustments, multi-window chat for Microsoft Teams, and audience targeting in SharePoint.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 3 recommended updates that you should know about now.

Awareness of Microsoft 365 temporary feature adjustments

Unfortunately, our world has radically changed since the previous 3 recommended updates post. Most of us are working from home to keep ourselves and others safe from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

This has had a huge impact on the Microsoft cloud infrastructure. For example, most of the Netherlands (where I live) started working from home on March 16th.

Microsoft Teams didn’t handle this well initially, but Microsoft stepped up and fixed performance issues relatively quickly. They decided to apply changes to a selection of services within the Microsoft 365 suite to guarantee an optimal service to its customers.

As a part of our commitment to customers and Microsoft cloud services continuity during these unprecedented times, we’re making temporary adjustments to select capabilities within Microsoft 365.

MC207439, Stay Informed, Feature ID: n/a

The following is an overview of the changes:


  • OneNote in Teams will be read-only for commercial and education tenants. To edit, you’ll need to use OneNote for the web or the OneNote desktop app.
  • Download size and sync frequency of file attachments has been changed.
OneNote is read-only in Teams by default.
OneNote will be ready-only by default.



  • People timeline has been disabled for newly uploaded videos. Pre-existing videos will not be impacted.
  • Meeting recording video resolution has been adjusted to 720p.

You can read more about the commitment to Microsoft customers and cloud services continuity on the Microsoft 365 website.

Multi-window chat for Microsoft Teams

How many times have you found yourself switching between a chat with a colleague and a channel in one of your favorite teams? This happens to me daily—and it’s a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

This situation is finally getting resolved with the arrival of the multi-window chat feature!

Multi-window chat is a new Microsoft Teams feature which enables users to multitask more efficiently by popping out their chat conversations into separate windows.

– Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Featured ID: 57292
Source: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/what-s-new-in-microsoft-teams-microsoft-ignite-2019/ba-p/937025#customize

This feature increases productivity by reducing the need to constantly switch back and forth. Personally, I find this very exciting, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this capability.

Good to know:

  • To pop-out a conversation, either:
    • Double-click on a conversation in the chat list.
    • Click Pop out chat from the context menu for a chat in the chat list.
    • Click the ‘pop out’ button in the top right corner of the chat header.
  • The initial rollout will be for Windows clients only. Microsoft will provide support for Mac and Linux clients shortly thereafter.
  • You should start updating your user training and documentation—and prepare your employees by sending out a news post announcing this update and its benefits.

Microsoft is starting to roll out this feature in early April, and expects to complete worldwide rollout by the end of May.

Audience targeting in SharePoint site navigation

Personalization has always been an important requirement for an intranet portal; the common elements are my documents, my sites, my tasks, and my events.

Current situation in SharePoint.
Current situation in SharePoint.

Now, Microsoft is extending that personalization with the release of audience targeting for navigation links.

SharePoint site owners will soon be able to filter navigational links to specific audiences by using audience targeting.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Featured ID: 34251

This results in the following benefits:

  • Enables site owners to create more engaging experiences.
  • Accelerates productivity by bringing targeted, high value resources into focus.
  • Simplifies the viewing experience for users by removing distractions from content they don’t need.

This new feature takes the SharePoint communication site to the next level for an integrated and user-oriented experience.

Good to know:

Microsoft is gradually rolling this out to targeted release customers at the end of March. The rollout will be completed in early May.

Respect remote work measures

Normally, I conclude with my favorite new update of the month. For this article, I want to end a bit differently and focus on the current coronavirus pandemic.

I advise everyone to listen to the medical experts and stay inside as much as possible. Don’t think you are invincible just because you don’t belong in the risk groups. You can still get sick, and worse, infect other people. Thing about each other and this will all be over soon.

Stay safe everyone!

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