3 recommended updates: Assign policies to a batch or group of users in Microsoft Teams

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Version 20.03.11 is now available.

Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld on new and updated SharePoint tabs in Teams, the release of the Microsoft Office app for Android and iOS, and the ability to assign policies to a batch or group of users in Microsoft Teams.

ShareGate‘s easy-to-use SaaS tools enable organizations to achieve more than ever before with Microsoft cloud technologies. In our ongoing series, Jasper Oosterveld brings you up to speed on the latest and greatest from the world of Microsoft and Office 365.

I hope you enjoyed the last one—where I discussed updating the classic SharePoint team site home page to the modern template, changing the default sharing link to people with existing access, and the app setup policies in Microsoft Teams.

Let’s move on to the latest instalment!

In this release, you’ll find my opinion on the update for the SharePoint tab in Microsoft Teams, the new Microsoft Office app for Android and iOS, and assigning policies to a batch of users or a group. 

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 3 recommended updates that you should know about now.

New and improved SharePoint tabs in Microsoft Teams

One of the advantages of Microsoft Teams is the ability to integrate internal and external services. This can be done in many ways, one of which is through the use of a tab. 

My team at InSpark uses the SharePoint tab in Teams to expose a team to a knowledge page.

For example: We have an expert team to collaborate around Microsoft Compliance services such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP). We created a knowledge page in SharePoint that includes relevant links and information for the members of that team:

Knowledge page in SharePoint.

This reduces the time needed to search for this information outside of Microsoft Teams.

Now, Microsoft is improving on the SharePoint tab in Teams to make it even easier to find the pages and lists you want to tab. You can paste a link to a page or list from any team site to tab it in your channels.

We are making improvements to the SharePoint tab in Teams to help users easily find the pages and lists that you want to tab.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Featured ID: 60614 Tweet this

On top of that, Microsoft is introducing a new “SharePoint Pages” tab in Teams. This tab is specifically focused on allowing users to find pages and news posts or paste a link to them from any team site in order to tab them in Teams.

This update increases the adoption process by providing a more user-friendly interface.  

For more info on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration, check out our blog post on how to adopt Teams when you already use SharePoint.

Good to know: 

  • Click here to learn more about adding a SharePoint page or list to a tab in Microsoft Teams. 
  • This feature has no impact on page or list permissions. Users who did not have access to a page before it was added as a tab will continue to be unable to access the page in Teams. 
  • You should start updating your user training and documentation now.

Microsoft is gradually rolling this out in early March 2020. The roll out will be completed worldwide by early April 2020.  

Microsoft Office app available for Android and iOS

This new feature isn’t really a surprise to anyone who wasn’t off the grid the last couple weeks—the news was all over Twitter and LinkedIn.

Microsoft finally released their new Office app for iOS and Android. The app comes with a wide variety of amazing features: 

  • Recommended files 
  • Pinned files 
  • My last used files
  • Sign a PDF
  • Scan a QR code
  • Office lens

This is just a selection of features, and I expect many more to follow. Truly amazing how many useful features are available in one single app. 

The new Microsoft Office app, which combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other productivity features into a single app, is now available for download for both Android and iOS.

MC204208, Stay Informed

I am going to love using this app—especially the Office lens for whiteboards—and recommend all of you to immediately download the app to see for yourself.  

Good to know: 

  • Microsoft will continue to support and invest in the standalone Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for customers who wish to continue to use them.  
  • Installing the Office app will not affect existing installations of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 
  • Since early 2019, a similar app called Office Mobile came pre-installed on Samsung devices; it will automatically update to the new Office app. Any policies configured for Office Mobile will carry forward to the new Office app. 
  • Intune needs to be enabled specifically for the Office app. To ensure data is protected by app protection policies, use the following steps: 


  1. For Android App Protection Policies, add the Office, Office [HL], and Office [ROW] apps
  2. Download the Office app for Android phones through the Google Play Store


  1. For iOS App Protection Policies, add the Office, Office [HL], and Office [ROW] apps
  2. Download the Office app for iPhones through the App Store  

Microsoft Teams: Assign policies to a batch or group of users

The Microsoft Teams admin center provides the ability to assign policies. These vary from meeting and messaging capabilities to app permission policies. 

These policies also allow you to provide access to different features—such as working with private channels—to a selection of specific employees. Below, you can see all the options:

Policies you can apply in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Microsoft is providing an update to the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module to let you assign a policy to a batch of users  or to a group, such as a security group or an organizational unit. 

With batch policy assignment, you can assign a policy to a large set of users without having to use a complex script. 

Streamline the process of assigning policies to multiple users. 

Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Featured ID: 61185

Good to know: 

  • The release of this functionality does not affect existing policy assignments. However, once you utilize these new functionalities to make policy assignments, precedence rules will take effect
  • Policy assignment to groups is propagated to members of a group according to precedence rules. As members are added to (or removed from) a group, their inherited policy assignments are updated accordingly if they do not have a direct assignment. 
  • Click here to learn more about assigning policies in Microsoft Teams. 

This feature is being released in March, 2020.

Improved Office 365 mobile experiene

There were a lot of new features and updates this month. The Office 365 Message Center almost exploded!

My favorite feature, by far, is the new Office app. I’ve already deleted my Word, PowerPoint, and Excel apps—I’m saving app space and getting a ton of awesome new features. This is going to be a killer app for the modern workplace provided by Microsoft 365.  

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