7 ways to make your users addicted to SharePoint [Infographic]

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This infographic was put together from my detailed blog post on making your users fall in love with SharePoint. I really recommend you read the full piece, as boosting SharePoint adoption is something you should always keep in mind.

7 Ways to make your users addicted to SharePoint

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1. SharePoint Training

If people don’t have a good understanding of how SharePoint works, your SharePoint users simply won’t see the real value in using it.

2. A good Branding

Like almost everything, your SharePoint Users will be more inclined to use your platform if they think that it’s appealing and beautiful. It would be harder to hate your SharePoint if it was as cute as a kitten! Take the time to find someone that will be able to create a great design for your SharePoint. P.S. You can find professional SharePoint Designers out there. It’s worth it.

3. Keep a clean SharePoint

A messy environment will create a negative experience for your SharePoint users. We recommend you use a third party tool (like Sharegate) to keep an eye on everything that’s going on, through reporting and auditing, and to make sure you fix issues in your SharePoint as they appear.

4. Build a good Information Architecture

It’s pretty simple, if your SharePoint Information Architecture is logical, it will be easier to use. When something is easy to use and you can understand where the content is, your users will definitely adopt the platform faster and with less resistance.

5. Ask your SharePoint Users what they want!

After all, they live with SharePoint every day. The best way to make them fall in love is to regularly ask them what they like or dislike about it. Just like a regular relationship!

6. Be Patient

Don’t over push it! It usually takes time to get used to something new or adapt to change. If you make sure SharePoint is user-friendly you should get positive results.

7. Retrospection

How do you feel about your SharePoint environment?  You may have some issues with the platform, but you don’t take the time to realize it. Take a minute to note your own thoughts about SharePoint. The good and the bad. Write down everything.

Do you have other ways to increase SharePoint adoption with users?

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