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A brand new unified and intuitive migration interface

A Brand New Unified and Intuitive Migration Interface A Brand New Unified and Intuitive Migration Interface

We took huge steps to improve the user experience in our 5.23 release, and it all leads up to this. Let’s just say that if the past few versions of Sharegate Desktop made up a symphony, then version 7.0 would be the grand finale.

This might just be our biggest release ever! The team has put in an amazing effort, and we think you’ll really appreciate everything 7.0 has to offer.

Here are the major new features in Sharegate Desktop 7.0:

  • Unified Apps and an Improved User Experience for Migration.
  • Improvements to Quick Actions.
  • Next-Level Search Includes Subsites in the Explorer.
  • Pre-check your Migration with PowerShell.

Unified Apps and an Improved Use Experience for Migration

Sharegate Desktop, after all, is a tool that facilitates two things, the management and migration of your SharePoint and Office 365 environments. Yet, these features were separated into two apps, each with their distinct user experiences. We knew it was time that these two features come together once and for all.

That is why Sharegate Desktop 7.0 is ushering in a new era – we are now a single unified tool to help you migrate and manage proactively.

All our existing customers will know this screen well:

The Old Sharegate Migration Interface

In 7.0, when you click that Migration tab, all the functionality that was previously only available on a second app will be there to greet you.

The New Unified and Intuitive Migration Interface

And have no fear of losing any information when you update – your migration reports and recent connection history (previously Recent Sessions) will be maintained.

You can read my colleague’s blog for a complete breakdown of the changes. And of course, follow this link to try the update out for yourself!

Improvements to Quick Actions

Our Quick Actions panel continues to improve how you manage your environments. You can now make modifications directly to the Administrators, Owners, and Members section. This allows you to add or remove:

  • Members of Office 365 Groups.
  • Site owners in SharePoint groups.
  • Administrators for Site Collections.
add or remove administrators from quick actions

You already have the visibility on who is on your site, so it only makes sense to give you another layer of control.

Next-Level Search in the Explorer

If we had to pinpoint the feature from our last major release that really blew everyone out of the water, it would be the ability to search your Site Collections, Office 365 Groups, and OneDrives in the Explorer.

Search for Subsites in the Explorer

Now, in Sharegate Desktop 7.0, you can also search Subsites.

Search for Subsites in Sharegate's Explorer

Considering how many subsites can exist in a single environment, this will guarantee you find what you need much faster. You can say we took Search to a whole new level! (Because Subsites are a level below Site Collections – get it?)

Pre-Check with PowerShell

PowerShell geeks rejoice! You can now enjoy the convenience of running a Pre-Check with PowerShell for all Copy Structure commands. You can combine the script with all the other great capabilities using PowerShell offers, like scheduling your Pre-Check to run overnight so you can wake up to your results.

You can find the available scripts through here.

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!

We honestly really do read every single word you send us, so please let us know what you think! Not only does your feedback help us understand your needs, the most popular suggestions are considered for our future releases. Think about it, your voice can directly contribute to the development of Sharegate Desktop!

Submit your feedback directly in-app by clicking on the Feedback tab.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Download Sharegate Desktop 7.0 here to begin using it right away.

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