Accelerate your Microsoft Teams success with these Ignite sessions

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With Microsoft Ignite 2019 fast approaching, Microsoft Regional Director Benjamin Niaulin shares his top picks for the Microsoft Teams-related Ignite sessions you don’t want to miss!

Whether you’re going to Microsoft Ignite this year or not, the content is available for everyone to watch—and you should take advantage of it.

Microsoft Teams, the fast-growing chat tool that’s quickly becoming the hub for productivity, is at the center of many announcements this year, and is often tied to other collaboration products connected to it.

Since finding the right session can sometimes be challenging (there are 1,854 sessions listed in the session catalog this year!), I’ve done the work for you. That way, you can add them to your schedule—or watch them remotely. 

What’s new and what’s next with Microsoft Teams

This is the main introduction to Microsoft Teams at Ignite. It’ll showcase the biggest “wow” features likely to have the highest impact on you and your users. I remember Jared Spataro from keynotes back at the SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim, and I expect we will get a few announcements then. 

Session: Microsoft Teams #BRK009
Speaker: Jared Spataro

Biggest roadmap announcements for Office 365 productivity tools

Every year, I start looking for sessions by speaker names—and this is the first to look out for. If you’re focused on productivity in Office 365 and have just one session you can watch, this is it. Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President, often delivers the most anticipated (and announcement-filled) keynotes.

Session: Collaboration, engagement, and knowledge in the intelligent workplace #BRK2053
Speaker: Jeff Teper

Next up for Office 365 Groups

Don’t be fooled by the title—this is 100% about Microsoft Teams. Office 365 Groups is the magic membership provider behind Microsoft Teams and every other product that comes with it when you create one. The files in your SharePoint Team Site, the cards in your Planner, and the calendar items in that Group mailbox are all connected by an Office 365 Group. From lifecycle management of your Groups (and therefore Teams), to external sharing with guests, and much more—this session is a can’t miss if you want to better understand how Office 365 Groups can can impact your Teams environment.

Session: Embrace Office 365 Groups: What’s new and what’s next #BRK2056
Speakers: Mike McLean, Venkat Ayyadevara, Jim Van Eaton

Adoption best practices for Microsoft Teams

As always with Karuana, I expect this session to deliver real take home value. In the past, we’ve received new websites with templates and interactive training material for our end users in these sessions, and I expect we’ll see even more this time around.  

Session: Top 10 Microsoft Teams adoption best practices #BRK2161
Speaker: Karuana Gatimu

Torn between two must-see roadmap sessions 

The thing is, when we implement Teams and embrace the value it provides, we’re no longer “just” looking at Microsoft Teams. All these products are interconnected—that’s how they bring value. Unfortunately, there are two big roadmap sessions taking place at the same time.  There’s the Microsoft Teams roadmap and one for SharePoint focused on communication with News, Yammer, and Teams integrations.

Session: What’s new with Microsoft Teams: The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 #TMS10
Speakers: Marissa Salazar, Aaron Rimmer

Session: SharePoint news and communication sites: Inform and engage your organization #CLB10
Speaker: Brad McCabe

More roadmaps for Teams and its SharePoint sites 

Guess what? We need to choose between two again. Good thing we can watch these sessions afterwards, because once again Teams and its associated SharePoint site are in two different roadmap sessions at the same time. There’s TMS20, that promises interesting content. But just because I know what they’ll be sharing in CLB20, I think I have to recommend the latter.

Session: Intelligent communications in Microsoft Teams #TMS20
Speakers: James Skay, Paul Cannon

Session: The intelligent intranet: Connecting the workplace and creating engaging digital experiences with Sharepoint #CLB20
Speakers: Brad McCabe, Stig Thomsen, Marc Grewe, Kinga Baldyga

20 minute AMA with Office 365 Groups Microsoft product team 

You’ll definitely have questions, and this is the time to ask them. It might be only twenty minutes, but I can’t recommend this session enough—especially if you’re new to Microsoft Teams. Remember, Office 365 Groups is the construct behind your Microsoft Teams. It’s where many of your settings or controls will be. Even if you just sit and listen to other attendees’ questions, you’ll likely learn a lot. 

Session: Office 365 Groups: Ask us anything #THR3083
Speakers: Mike McLean; Venkat Ayyadevara; Kolvekar LoveLeen Ramachandra; Nivedita Rajani; Salil Kakkar;
Arunkumaran Varadharajan

Managing content with integrated security and compliance

Do not—I repeat—do not miss this session. You may be tempted to go to another one during that time slot about security in Teams, but believe me: there are others in the week for that. Since all of your content from Teams (aside from conversations) is stored in each team’s associated SharePoint site, you do not want to miss this roadmap session. 

Session: Intelligent content services: What’s new and what’s next #CLB50
Speakers: Chris McNulty, Naomi Moneypenny

Best practices for managing Microsoft Teams

With something that introduces self-service by its nature and creates multiple products at the same time, you want to get on top of it right from the beginning. That means understanding how to manage it. 

Session: Managing Microsoft Teams effectively #TMS40
Speaker: Anne Michels

What customizations can you bring to Microsoft Teams? 

Ok, so the title is a bit more marketing than that. But even if you’re not a developer, it’s always interesting to see the possibilities. It can spawn ideas and open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities.

Session: Develop great workspaces with the Microsoft Teams platform: What’s new and what’s coming #BRK3225
Speaker: Bill Bliss

Back-to-back roadmap sessions on meetings in Teams 

It’s no secret: Microsoft Teams helps you bring all your work together in one place, and it’s a great online meeting tool. Microsoft introduces two back-to-back roadmap-filled sessions on what we can expect to see in our next meetings. Last time we received blurred backgrounds; I wonder what we’ll see next.  

Session: Get the most out of meetings with Microsoft Teams #MTG10
Speakers: James Skay, Pauli Kongas

Session: What’s new for Microsoft Teams meetings #MTG20
Speakers: Ian Mikutel, James Skay, Jigar Dani

A quick moment for private channels in Teams 

Though I’m sure we’ll see it in other sessions before this one, make sure you attend this one (just in case we don’t). You can’t leave Microsoft Ignite without understanding the ins and outs of private channels for Microsoft Teams. This session is the only moment I’ve seen dedicated time for it. If there’s another, then perfect. If not, DO NOT MISS IT.  

Session: Overview of private channels in Microsoft Teams #THR1080
Speaker: Sara Bush

Teams and SharePoint sessions to continue your deep dive 

There are other sessions below with not-to-be-missed feature announcements, but it’s common for the sessions to start focusing on more specific things starting Wednesday at Microsoft Ignite. 

Here’s the sessions I couldn’t skip at Microsoft Ignite after going through all the roadmap sessions above:

  • Teams + PowerApps: 3 ways you can deeply customize Teams with low-code, BRK1090
  • SharePoint updates for teamwork: Sites, pages, lists, and libraries, STR30
  • Governance and security for Microsoft Teams, BRK3218
  • Transform collaboration and fight shadow IT with Office 365 Groups, BRK3264 
  • Authorize and automate Teams guest access with surgical precision (Part 1), BRK2276
  • Authorize and automate Teams guest access with surgical precision (Part 2), BRK2277
  • Things you never knew about Microsoft Teams that might be important someday, BRK3142
  • Streamline your business processes with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform, BRK1077
  • A deep dive into managing Microsoft Teams, BRK3221
  • Deploy Office 365 Groups at scale to power Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Yammer, and SharePoint, BRK2058

Remember: even if you’re not attending Microsoft Ignite this year, the information discussed in the sessions above will impact you in the coming weeks and months. Microsoft posts quick summary blogs the same day of the releases, but the value is in the details. And those will be covered in the sessions mentioned in this blog.  

In today’s digital workplaces, sharing content is an important piece of the collaboration puzzle—especially when working with clients, vendors, or anyone else outside your organization.

Download our latest eBook, Sharing is caring: A ShareGate guide to creating a productive and secure guest sharing environment in Microsoft Teams, to learn how you can leverage the power of self-service to keep sensitive data secure.

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