Improving Automated Lifecycle Management

Improving Automated Lifecycle Management

With the recent launch of our Automated Lifecycle Management feature-set, we had emails going out to your site owners, with no flexible control over them.

Following valuable feedback from our users, we'll be removing the feature-set and the Insights tab from the app in our next update.

We've learned a lot by building it the way we did, and we think we can do a lot better to help you manage your growing Office 365 environments. We'll take the time to redesign it and put it back out to you in a way that's simple, useful, and perfect for your needs. This new version will be built cloud-first, with a focus on flexible controls to help you validate what’s still relevant in your environment.

Bill Gates once said: "We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve." Luckily, we have our users that constantly give us great feedback we can work from to improve our products.

Thanks for trusting us with your environment and more importantly, thanks for being a Sharegate customer.