Copy SharePoint Page Layouts and Publishing Pages

Christian Mérat
Since the publication of this article, ShareGate Desktop has updated and unified the migration interface. The following screenshots may no longer be accurate, we are working on updating them.

Great news! Sharegate now allows you to manage your SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure and Enterprise Wikis. How? Sharegate will migrate Publishing Page layouts you’ve created in a site collection to another farm, web application or site collection and associate it to the content type of your choice. Sharegate will also go as far as copy your publishing pages or wiki pages associated to a page layout and migrate them to a desired location.

Why do you need Sharegate to do this? Publishing Page Layouts are associated to Content Types in a site collection, which makes it very hard to copy to another location without accessing the code of the page each time. Publishing pages on the other hand have a direct link to the page layout they are using, this means that even if you copied your file to a new location, it might still be using the old page layout url.

Sharegate takes care of that for you in 3 steps:
1. Select the source files you want to copy
2. Choose a destination to copy them
3. Copy them intelligently while remapping certain properties

Selected EnterpriseWiki.aspx page layout to copy to Production
Migrate Page Layouts

Migrating intelligently by checking-in as a major version, approved and assigning a content type
Property template

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