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How to move SharePoint folders, documents and items fast using ShareGate

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Sharegate is back again with another great release. Our focus for Sharegate 2.4 was productivity, and you’ll definitely save time with our new features. If you thought moving your SharePoint folders, documents, and lists was quick and easy before, these new features will blow you away!

Copy & Move SharePoint Folders Quicker than Ever

How to Copy SharePoint Documents from the Home Screen

We developed a home page that provides quick access to Sharegate’s tools and recent sessions. The home page was built with productivity in mind. Give it a try.

Sharegate home screen

How to Quickly Restart Recent SharePoint Copy Sessions

You no longer need to configure the wizard, from scratch, to start a copy on frequently used lists or libraries. Sharegate lets you restart a recent session in a single click. The session history is available from the home screen and the file menu. This new feature is really productive.

From the home screen:
Recent sessions available in the ribbon

From the ribbon menu:
Recent sessions available on the home screen

How to Use Built-In Templates for Simple and Fast Copying & Moving

Again, productivity was the ultimate goal with this release. We added default property templates, allowing users to start a copy without, having to create property templates for basic scenarios:

– Copy with history
– Copy without history
– Copy and prompt for metadata

The default property templates are displayed in orange on top of the list.

Default property templates available

Full Business Data Column Support

The business data column type enables users to add data from business applications to their lists, using the Business Data Catalog. This is a powerful SharePoint feature, but moving documents or items with an external data column is not an easy task.

Sharegate now fully supports the business data column type.

Support copy for Business Data Catalog

How To Use Windows Shortcuts to Speed Up Your SharePoint Migration & Management

Windows users use keyboard and mouse shortcuts. This is why we added support for basic shortcuts:
– CTRL + C (copy)
– CTRL + V (paste)
– CTRL + W (close the tab)
– F5 (refresh the explorer)
– Middle click (close the tab)

When using our tool to copy files to SharePoint, you can use the the shortcuts to copy/paste Windows Explorer to Sharegate.

How the Improved Ribbon Menu Makes Moving SharePoint Folders & Documents Faster

We improved the ribbon menu by adding contextual actions in the ribbon. This makes the user interface easier to understand.

Improved ribbon menu

Improved ribbon menu

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