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Copy SharePoint documents easily with the improved property template

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Improved Property Templates Make it Easier to Copy SharePoint Documents

Being able to specify the properties for multiple content types, within Sharegate, in a single property template allows you to move items or documents referring to many content types in the same copy operation.

Whereas, in previous versions, migrating a SharePoint library or list configured with many content types was incredibly painful because you were required to create a property template for every content type.

Property template for copying files or items of multiple content types

Replace Illegal Characters when Copying or Migrating SharePoint Documents and Files

Worrying about illegal characters causing errors when migrating to SharePoint is now a thing of the past. In the options menu, you can specify an automatic replacement for every illegal character you may be entering.

Illegal characters when migrating files to SharePoint

Required Check In Comment for SharePoint Documents

When saving items or documents to SharePoint, users are now automatically prompted to enter a check-in comment. Eliminating the risk of human error.

Check In comment when saving a file or item

Preserve All or Parts of Folder Metadata

Sharegate now supports full folder metadata. This feature allows you to move folders between SharePoint sites, without losing the metadata. Simply specify what you’d like to preserve, and copy the SharePoint documents in your folders.

Copy SharePoint folder metadata

Import or Export Property Templates to Use When You Copy SharePoint Documents

Property templates allow you to pre-define and reuse metadata values applied to items or files during a copy. If you find one, or several, particularly useful, you can share them with colleagues by importing or exporting several property templates at a time.

Share property template to increase productivity when copying with SharePoint

Display SharePoint Views

By filtering files and items through SharePoint’s available views, you now have even more flexibility with the items displayed in Sharegate’s Explorer interface.

Filter with the SharePoint views

Preserved Custom Property Mapping Templates

In a previous Sharegate version, we added a feature which allows you to change the property mappings, enabling users to map source/destination properties with different name. You can now go a step further and actually save your custom property mapping templates, so you no longer need to configure the mappings every time you copy content between the same lists or libraries.

Property mappings persistence

File or item properties window

In the past, we’d received strong feedback from users with low screen resolution, who were having trouble seeing the properties from Sharegate’s explorer window, when they selected a file or item. Problem solved: You can now open a window displaying all the properties.

Click to see SharePoint metadata properties

Window displaying SharePoint metadata properties

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