Inside ShareGate – What Happened in June 2016

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Inside Sharegate, nothing is hidden from employees. We have dashboards showing all our most important business metrics, so that they’re visible at all times. Our business success rests greatly on the shoulders of our teams, and we believe transparency is key in showing them exactly how they contribute to our growth.

As such, you deserve the same transparency. The more you know about us, the more you’ll feel like you’re a part of our journey…which you definitely are.


This is the main reason we’re starting a new monthly blog series that will include everything that’s happened at Sharegate within that given month. It will include everything from technical support metrics, to product roadmaps, to our signature parties.

Follow this series, and you’ll get a first-hand view of how fast our organization is moving and growing!

Technical Support

  • 1,335 support tickets – an increase of 0.5% from 1,329 tickets in May. Pretty stable here. For comparison’s sake, we had 1,725 tickets in January 2016.
  • 1,022 customers helped – Slight increase of 4% from May.
  • Average Response Time of 4h 17min – Increase of 20% compared to May. The team is working hard on this one. There have been a few vacations, 2 Canadian holidays, and a few more sick days than usual. As of July 13th, we are back at an average of 3h so this tells me the team is back on track.
  • Happiness Score of 92/100 – We ask customers to rate our support after each interaction. 92% is great!
    Great Rating
    141 Great
    Great Rating
    11 Okay
    Great Rating
    1 Not Good

Technical Support Happiness Score


  • 260 new customers
  • We welcomed customers such as Cafepress, Thomson Reuters, Maryland Government, Gulfstream, Ralph Lauren.
  • We made a total of 445 transactions, including renewing customers, sales from partners and new customers.


  • 49 registered partners – 49 new partners self-registered to our partner program, for a total of 536 registered partners.
  • 3 premium partners – We’ve surpassed the 100 premium partner mark, for a grand total of 102!

New team members

There were 3 additions to our team in June. At the end of the month, Sharegate consisted of 77 colleagues.

Benoit Lavoie-Lamer -  Web DeveloperBenoit Lavoie-Lamer, Web Developer
Gabrielle Jacques - Sales SpecialistGabrielle Jacques, Sales Specialist
Yann Dago - Full Stack DeveloperYann Dago, Full Stack Developer

New Chief Product Officer

Sebastien Leduc, a co-founder of GSOFT, was previously in charge of Sharegate’s partner program. In June, he passed that torch to Laurent St-Pierre, in order to take charge of the product team. Sebastien has always had a great understanding of our customers’ needs, so I bet you’ll be really impressed by the quality of future releases.

We did a press release to announce the change: click here to read it.

New Customer Success Team

For the past little while, Sharegate’s been tackling a very specific challenge: education.

While we have over 10,000 customers, and even more users, who know us very well, most of them only know Sharegate as a migration tool – because we’re really good at it! But Sharegate is so much more than just migration, and we wanted our customers to know how they can benefit from the full experience.

To solve this, we created a brand new team dedicated to training new and existing customers through personalized 1-on-1 online training. This team is responsible for customer adoption and the usage of our tool.


In June, we had 2 software releases, a new partner portal, 2 new ebooks and we switched our CRM & marketing automation tool.

Release 5.11

Sharegate File Share Inventory Feature

Full release note can be found here.

  • File Share Inventory – Finally, you can estimate how long a migration will take and which errors might occur during your next File Share to SharePoint/Office 365 migration.
  • 25 bug fixes

New Partner Portal

Sharegate Partner Portal

We released a brand new portal where our partners can register leads, request demo trials, request quotes, and check on their future renewals. Our premium partners now have access to the portal, and we’ll be rolling it out to the rest of our registered partners this month.

2 new eBooks

Release 5.11.2

44 bug fixes – You can read the release note here.

Salesforce & Marketo

Previously, we were using Infusionsoft as our CRM and Marketing automation tool. However, due to the size of our lists, our growing sales, and our partner team, we needed a more flexible platform that would be able to handle our consistent growth. We chose to migrate to Salesforce as our CRM, and Marketo as our marketing automation & lead scoring tool in January. We fully deployed the platform, across all teams, on May 23rd.

It doesn’t directly impact customers, but this new tooling allows us to provide a much more personalized experience before, during, and after a sale.

What We’re Working On

It might be vacation time for some, but it’s a busy time here at Sharegate.

  • Sharegate unification – Right now, we have one installer but 2 executable softwares; one is for the migration with an older user interface, the other is for security and reporting which has a slicker & up-to-date UI. We’re currently revamping the entire old migration UI into one single executable. One tool to rule them all.
  • SharePoint Inventory – We released File Share inventory in June and we are working on one for SharePoint/Office 365. It’s a much, much requested feature from our customers and partners to help them plan their migration project.
  • Upcoming conferences
    • WPC – We’ll have a booth at WPC on July 10-14th and we will also be in Nintex’s booth for the whole conference.
    • SPFest Seattle – August 15-18th at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.
    • Ignite – It’s the biggest show from Microsoft and we’re Gold Sponsors.

Other fun stuff

Glassdoor’s Pets at Work contest

Fabio, proudly posing for this picture, won Glassdoor’s Pets at Work contest.

Benjamin Niaulin in Croatia

Benjamin Niaulin finally took some time off, twice in a month! (Croatia & South Africa)

Ghouse Pitch

GHouse pitch – Every year, GSOFT give employees the chance to work for two weeks on a personal project designed to improve life at work. But everyone had to pitch their ideas first!

Slackathon Montreal

Slackathon – GSOFT held the first Slackathon in Montreal. Over 100 people worked non-stop for 24h to build a bot for Slack.


The café is officially open! Our full time barista Sebastien is now on duty everyday from 8am to 4pm. 👌☕

What a crazy month June was! Can’t wait to write about what happens in July 😃


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