Starter on learning SharePoint branding

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It’s important to be able to make SharePoint look the way you want it to look. But it goes a lot further than that. What do you want to brand and what is at your disposal? SharePoint is a big platform that offers quite a bit of possibilities.

I’ve recently looked into a more detailed view on how you can start branding SharePoint. This story told will help you share the information in a more visual way with your colleagues, looking to brand SharePoint. Here is a list of links to get you started on building what you need.

A quick recap of what you can do:

  • Override the default SharePoint CSS
  • Change the HTML or create it from scratch by creating a new Master Page
  • Convert a regular HTML page into a Master Page with Design Manager
  • Device Channels will allow you to switch Master Page based on the device
  • Change how content looks with JSLink option
  • Use Search and Display Templates to change how content is displayed
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