Manage Azure costs by project with CostHubs in ShareGate Overcast

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Staying on top of the sheer amount of resources you’re consuming in Azure can easily get overwhelming. This certainly comes with a number of new challenges to navigate, involving everything from application performance to designing a robust governance plan to keep things as secure as possible.

Update (February 27, 2020): Check out our most recent release post for all the latest improvements and updates in ShareGate Overcast - including the much-awaited anomaly detection feature, which is now live!

We thought we could help with one of the major challenges that comes with managing Azure infrastructure: tracking costs according to real-life scenarios to help you answer the kinds of questions that surface now that your organization is leveraging the cloud as a service to scale its business.

In ShareGate Overcast, you’ll find a bunch of fresh features to help you manage your costs more effectively—with less work:

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An overview of your Azure costs to direct your attention where it matters most

ShareGate Overcast rethought the overview section of your Azure costs across your tenant and subscriptions. It now allows you to visualize your monthly costs at a glance, identify your top resource administrators according to the costs they’re accountable for, see opportunities for potential savings and monitor variations in your spend. From there, you can drill down to what matters most to you.

Track project costs over time

Simplify the sometimes-overwhelming nature of an Azure infrastructure. Now, in ShareGate Overcast, you can use CostHubs to represent your organization’s real-life projects, business units and teams.

Create a CostHub, add related subscriptions and resource groups, and easily track their costs over time. With the budgeting, forecasting, notification and sharing options we’re currently working on and plan to release in the coming weeks, tracking your projects will finally be as simple as you hoped.

February 2020 update

Catch up on all the new features we've added to ShareGate Overcast since this post was published by reading our previous release notes:

Build custom reports to better track what’s going on

Every Azure infrastructure is uniquely built to represent an organization and its services. Thus, reporting is essential to help you answer cost-related questions from your organization. You need to be able to drill down and find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

And since it’s always important to share those findings, you’ll find the export option handy in these situations.

In fact, many of our clients have been taking advantage of this capability to better understand and track their Azure costs. Check out our audio interview with Nic Fletcher, head of global IT at Tobii, to find out how.

Better visibility on resource owners and their associated costs

The first thing about understanding and tracking your Azure costs is knowing who to contact. ShareGate Overcast introduced an algorithm that suggests a resource owner for your subscriptions and resource groups to help you put a name to those costs. You can always validate or modify these suggestions manually.

Reduce your Azure costs with ShareGate Overcast’s recommendations

With the help of industry experts, we’ve built recommendations to help you optimize your costs that go beyond the basics. These insights and recommendations have already helped clients worldwide reduce their Azure costs by identifying easy-to-miss opportunities to curb waste. We recently added three new cost-saving recommendations to ShareGate Overcast:

  • Unused public IP addresses
  • Old snapshots
  • Unconnected virtual network gateways

ShareGate Overcast in the coming months

ShareGate Overcast is still a relatively new product, but it didn’t take too long for the momentum to build. The team is fired up and has already made numerous improvements to the app. But what’s next?

Have a look at all that cool stuff we recently added with our free trial!

Of course, we all want to track and reduce our Azure spend, but what we’re really trying to do is keep an eye on the costs associated to projects, business units, or teams. This will be the ShareGate Overcast team’s main focus in the coming months, as we continuously add value to the CostHubs experience.

Coming soon:

  • Add a budget to your CostHubs
  • Notifications when arriving close to budget or if forecasts are abnormal
  • Engaging with people in your organization so they can follow their own projects

Stay tuned!

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