Microsoft Ignite social roundup, Day 2: Exciting times for Teams, Microsoft 365 and Azure

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If you want to feel how a virtual event can bring people tangible excitement, then look no further than Day 2 of this year’s Microsoft Ignite. The community was buzzing and #MSIgnite was blowing up Twitter with dynamite info about the event.

At previous Microsoft Ignite events, we all jockeyed for spots at the good restaurants, spent a solid 10 hours in sessions and touring the expo, and then rushed to get a table for dinner. Then we found our hotels, passed out, and repeated everything the next day.

Because the event is virtual and world-wide this year, it’s brought some new challenges and some amazing opportunities. With sessions being held 24/7, people are setting their own schedule—getting up early and staying up late in a way that accommodates their individual lifestyle.

There were some amazing sessions happening at all hours of Day 2 and lots of ongoing chatter on Twitter. In this example, Aya Tange (@AyaTange) is trying to get everyone pumped about the second day of Microsoft Ignite.  Aya is a huge fan of Microsoft Teams (and so are we!).

In day 2, some of our favorite tweets were about Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure. I wonder why… I’m sure ShareGate, Apricot, and Overcast have something to do with it.

Why don’t we jump in and explore what the community had to say?

Teams: Bringing us together, making us stronger

It sounds like Teams MVP Chris Hoard (@Microsoft365Pro) got an early start to his day. We really appreciate all of the Microsoft experts that participated in the “Ask the Expert” sessions to help answer questions.

With so many people working from home during the pandemic, Teams has risen to the forefront of Microsoft Ignite. It is bringing people together and allowing new levels of communication and collaboration.

It’s always amazing when people share their doodles of what they learned at the conference. Check out this example from Barry Coombs (@VirtualisedReal). It may be your first doodle, but we think you did an incredible job! It’s great to hear more technology that supports our critical first-line workers.

In this amazing story, we hear from Nicole Stevens (@nicolestevens) about how Teams was instrumental in the manufacturing of over 11,000 ventilators to help with COVID-19.

It’s interesting how tweets about Teams and health keep popping up. In this example, Pieter Op De Beéck (@pieterodb), Microsoft 365 Tech Evangelist, shares how Teams is helping remote workers. It’s amazing to see Headspace playing an important role in this emergence.

While most of us use Teams for video chat, it’s important to remember that Teams does so much more. Some of the announcements in Day 2’s sessions were about the new calls app for Teams.

Of course, Teams admins need a strong suite of tools to help them administer and make the most of the product. In this tweet, Albert Hoitingh (@alberthoitingh) shares his thoughts on a new file sharing feature.

Microsoft 365: Yeah, it really rocks

Where would be without Microsoft 365? It’s predecessors (Microsoft Office and then Office 365) became the de facto standards for office tools years ago and the suite keeps improving every year. Today, there were many sessions about Microsoft 365 and we thought it would be interesting to hear some of the tweets about them.

We all get excited to hear about the advancements in the latest Microsoft technologies.

In this case, another tweet from Albert Hoitingh (@alberthoitingh) shares how much he appreciates the single admin interface for DLP in Microsoft 365. The excitement is exciting.

Similarly, Patrick (@blog_afraIT) enjoyed “Panos and Brad Unplugged—A Conversation About New Hybrid Workstyles with Windows and Microsoft 365.”

“Tears of joy”? Wow! That really rocks!

Andy Haon (@andyhaon), Group PM at SharePoint Experiences, recommended we check out Sebastien Fouillade (@Fooyad), Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, and Kasia Krzoska, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, as they discuss how to improve engagement with Microsoft 365. BTW, Kasia, we love the hat!

It’s always interesting to hear people’s thoughts on the events, like in this case from Mika Seitsonen (@MikaSeitsonen). We’re glad you enjoyed it, Mika.

Sometimes, what people hear at conferences just resonates with them. This was the case with Francisca Peixoto (@MariaFPeixoto). We agree with your thoughts on making wise life choices and #worklifebalance.

Azure: Just don’t mispronounce it

We round out this tweet-fest with a few insights from the community on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

“Never a dull moment” is the way Nilesh Gule (@nileshgule) described the six hours of sessions he watched this morning—and we can’t agree more, Nilesh!

There were so many cool things that Microsoft introduced like new servers and data services featuring Azure Arc. (I think we all want them, Jeremy Sinclair #WIMVP (@sinclairinat0r).)

Sometimes you need a challenge mixed into your day of fun… So Blake Walsh (@b_t_walsh) came up with a drinking game for the event. (We wonder how many shots he had for this one.)

Of course, it’s always nice to end a session by hearing people’s appreciation of all the hard work people put into the event.

So much to learn, so many notes

Wow! There was so much incredible information shared today at Microsoft Ignite 2020, and it was fun reading all of the tweets from people like you. We agree with Alex Mang (@iamalexmang) that you need a lot of paper and pencils to cover an event as amazing as this.

I think we know what next year’s pre-show swag might include 😉

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to read our social roundup of Microsoft Ignite Day 1 and social roundup of Microsoft Ignite Day 3!

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