Microsoft Ignite 2021 social roundup, Day 3: The end of the conference, the beginning of better collaboration

Microsoft Ignite social recap day 3

Yesterday was the third and final day of Microsoft Ignite 2021. At ShareGate, we turned our attention to Twitter to find out what people thought of the event.

Did they have fun? What did they learn? We also found a few funny tweets that people shared during the day and thought you might enjoy them as well. The Twitterverse didn’t let us down and we’re sharing the highlights with you in this roundup. 

New features for collaboration

As we build teams, work on projects, and then dissolve teams, we need to know the related files are secure. This is one reason why people are excited about the new enhancement to OneDrive called Shared Library. With more than 100 reposts, this was one of the most retweeted announcements of the day.

Connect physical and virtual worlds with Microsoft Mesh. In this video by Microsoft Mechanics (@MSFTMechanics), we’re able to see some of the true capabilities of Mesh to deliver collaborative mixed reality experiences. It was really cool to see Simon Skaria use Mesh and see what he sees.

We learned more about Microsoft Teams

Who doesn’t need a little help staying on task and keeping track of critical information? This is why Microsoft integrated Microsoft 365 Lists in Microsoft Teams. In this video by Microsoft Mechanics, we see an overview of how it works. 

Sometimes, little mistakes can lead to fun and exciting experiences. That was the case for Robot Roger (@RogerSoraa) when someone hit a key and accidentally turned their meeting into a giant aquarium. As Yu Cheng (@chengyujulie) and Lisa Linden (@LindenLisa) pointed out, it was a cool and lovely experience. We agree!

Approvals is still a relatively new feature of Microsoft Teams. It allows you to create an approval flow, attach documents for review, and track approvals and rejections. You can also use it to gather electronic signatures, and keep a record of who has signed off on what.

Microsoft announced some new capabilities for this feature. Using this functionality, you can create an approval template and then an approval request from the template. In this tweet, Brian Dang (@mrdang) approves and so do we.

Carole Rennie Logan (@crgrieve) enjoyed the TableTalk on Teams where participants were invited to share their stories about contributing to open source. It’s great to see how Microsoft utilizes their own tools.

That’s a wrap!

As the conference comes to a close, we find ourselves thinking back on our experiences attending Ignite in the past. What do we miss about attending the conference in person? That’s right, the swag. It’s the t-shirts, toys, pens, and so much more that we used to take away from the events. In this tweet, David James (@djammmer) sums up what many of us are feeling.

Although Microsoft did a great job creating a unique virtual, at ShareGate (@sharegatetools) we miss seeing everyone in person. And yes, we miss the swag too! We created this comic that illustrates just how we feel.

At the end of the third day, the Microsoft Ignite team (@MS_Ignite) said they had a lot of fun, and so did we. With more than 200 likes and over 40 retweets, it appears a lot of people agreed with the sentiment. 

It’s important to remember that while Microsoft Ignite is officially over, there are still on-demand resources available.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these roundups over the last three days of the Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference. Once again, Microsoft managed to pull off a fully virtual conference while still making it fun and interactive. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you for the next one!

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