Microsoft Ignite 2021 social roundup, Day 2: The future of collaboration with Microsoft Mesh and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Ignite social recap day 2

On Day 2 of Microsoft Ignite, we learned more about Microsoft Mesh and Microsoft Teams, and we caught a glimpse of conference-goers in their natural habitat. We kept a close eye on the Twitterverse to catch all of the action.

Some topics created more buzz than others. Here are some of our favorite tweets. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 

Microsoft Mesh lets us escape 

Microsoft (@Microsoft) showed us how they made the mixed reality keynote in this video.  

With hundreds of likes and lots of positive comments, it was a popular feature of the event. 

Mary Jo Foley (@maryjofoley) likes the way this video clarified things about how Microsoft Mesh was built. 

Jon Stypula (@stypulation) agreed in the comments that the video was “very cool.” He took the latest version of Microsoft Mesh for a spin using the HoloLens 2. Check out this video of him testing out the technology’s tools and capabilities.  

Of course, with so many people being at home, some want a way out of the house and Microsoft Mesh might be a great virtual way to do that. For example, Corey Sanders (@CoreySandersWA) is excited about (virtually) exploring somewhere new with Microsoft Mesh. We understand completely Corey, after being stuck at home for the last year, we’re all eager for a change of scenery.  

Microsoft Teams and its new features 

One of the exciting announcements by the Microsoft Teams (@MicrosoftTeams) group was the Microsoft PowerPoint Live in Teams. We can’t wait to try it out. 

Juha Anttila (@juhaant) shared with us the list of new features that will be included in Teams. We’re excited to see the new customizable meeting experiences and more. 

While using Teams for phone calls is great, what about all of those companies with SIP phones? The good news is that Microsoft MVP Chris Hoard (@Microsoft365Pro) reminds us that Microsoft Teams hasn’t forgotten about phones with SIP Gateway. 

How people are enjoying the conference 

At ShareGate, we also like watching people tweet about how they enjoy the conference. For instance, Barry Combs, The Doodle Guy (@VirtualisedReal), showed us an incredible doodle he created about the latest Microsoft announcements. What a wonderful (and colorful) way to share information. 

Anna Chu (@_achu) showed us another nice feature of Teams: Together Mode. This feature was added to the platform in July and is a great way to bring our teams together. 

Lots of us have to work while we watch the conference. That was the case with Soren Siim (@SorenSiim). Good luck with your work, Soren. 

Since we’re at home, many of us are enjoying watching Microsoft Ignite with our pets.  

A good example is Microsoft MVP Sancho Harker (@iAm_ManCat). He’ll be ready for the event… once his cat is done with his lap. We understand, Sancho, we love our pets as well. 

Eric Smith (@ECSRalNC) is hoping he can use the cat’s office to watch the event. Frankly Eric, we’re not sure if the cat is ready to move. 

What about the dogs of Microsoft Ignite? Lots of dogs enjoyed (or slept through) the event as well, as shown by Stephanie Roberts (@steph_io). We agree, he doesn’t look particularly amused by the presentation.

Those are some of the tweets that caught our eye during the second day of Microsoft Ignite 2021. We hope everyone in the Twitterverse enjoyed the tweets as much as we did. Check back in tomorrow as we round up what happened on Day 3 of the event. 

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