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Migrate SharePoint site collections and manage Office 365 external users

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SharePoint Migration is even better today. With Sharegate 5.2, you can now migrate multiple Site Collections right from the interface you love. And since we’re dedicated to your happiness, we decided to add even more features in this release of our SharePoint Migration & Management Tool. Here’s what you can expect to see next time you open the tool on your desktop:

  • Migrate multiple SharePoint Site Collections at once
  • Automatically Migrate Term Groups and Term Sets
  • Manage External Users on Office 365 to enforce Governance policies
  • Even better management of OneDrive for Business

Isn’t it the best gift ever for the holiday season?

A gift for you - Release Sharegate 5.2
Benjamin, SharePoint MVP & Simon, CEO

Migrate Multiple SharePoint Site Collections at once

Connect to your Central Administration right from the Sharegate connection screen and see the Web Applications and Site Collections you wish to migrate to SharePoint 2013 or Office 365.

Connect Screen with SharePoint Web App

You can then simply select the Site Collections you’d like to migrate or select them all. Our intuitive mapping options will continue to allow you to map Sites to a different Site Template while you migrate as well as mapping Permission Levels or Users and Groups.

Migrate Multiple SharePoint Site Collections at once

Automatically Migrate Term Groups and Term Sets

Sharegate added a very useful feature in the past, which allowed you to migrate Term Groups and Term Sets inside of your Term Store. This was also practical for your day to day management to restructure or reorganize your SharePoint’s Information Architecture. Today, we’ve saved you a step and made it even simpler. When you migrate Sites or Lists and Libraries that depend on a Term Group or Term Set at the source of your migration, we will automatically bring it to the destination along with other dependencies. Just Damn… you know the rest.

Manage External Users on Office 365 to enforce Governance Policies

Office 365 is evolving on a weekly basis with new features added all the time, but it doesn’t mean you should lose the ability to Manage SharePoint. Enabling External Users for Office 365 can be very useful for your organization and also dangerous if not controlled adequately. This release of Sharegate gives you the power to enable your organization to work with people outside as External Users while maintaining control over them, thanks to our new Management capabilities.

  • Find External Users in your SharePoint on Office 365
  • Find Objects like Lists and Libraries or Documents shared with External Users
  • Find Documents with shared links for Anonymous Users access

Manage Office 365 External Users

Improved Management of OneDrive for Business

As OneDrive for Business grows and enables you to do more, we believe it’s important to give it more space in Sharegate. In this release of Sharegate Migration & Management, you’ll quickly notice that you can identify your OneDrives and manage them easily right from the Interface. Check it out:

Explore your OneDrive for Business Accounts

Once again, we worked day and night to make sure your migration is completed faster with the migration of multiple site collections and the automation of your Term Groups and Term Sets. We’ve also wrapped up in a beautiful package the management of external users in Office 365 to make sure your environment is secure. Finally, the administration of OneDrive for Business won’t give you any more headaches after this release.

Our goal is and will always be to make your life easier in SharePoint and Office 365. That’s why our team is already working on more awesome features like these. Not a user yet? Try our Migration & Management Tool to benefit from all these new capabilities and let us know what you think. 

For more information, you can consult the detailed release notes for this version: Sharegate 5.2 Release Notes

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