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Preserve custom permissions and file system during migration

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Of all the features we’ve added over the years, the ones dealing with the ability to preserve custom permissions during SharePoint migration, and mapping, have been some of the most popular and useful. Let’s take a look at these features, and a few others we added, as well.

Preserve Custom Permissions on Files, Folders, and Items

Due to popular demand, Sharegate added a feature allowing the preservation of custom permissions while carrying out your SharePoint migration. Therefore, we made it possible to preserve the permissions of the files and folders from your file system, with the use of your SharePoint migration tool. Additionally, we also made it possible to migrate files, folders and items from a SharePoint site to another without losing the custom permissions.

Preserve Permissions during SharePoint Migration

User and group mappings

Sharegate is smart enough to map the source users with the destination users automatically. However, sometimes manually mapping some users is necessary. That’s why we listened to you, and added the ability to accomplish this with a simple drag & drop functionality. We also included a mapping for unresolved users, which allows you to specify the user that must be used in case a user no longer exists on the destination site (ex: a user is disabled in Active Directory).

User and group mappings with drag & drop

Permission Level Mapping

File shares to SharePoint

You can map the file system permission levels (Read, Write, Modify, Full Control, etc.) with the SharePoint permission levels.

File shares permission level mappings with drag & drop

SharePoint to SharePoint

You can map the permission levels from one SharePoint site with the permission levels of another SharePoint site.

SharePoint permission level mappings with drag & drop

Connection to Office 365 Using ADFS Authentication

We recognized that connecting to Office 365 was sometimes challenging, so we made it simple for you to connect with your Windows credentials through ADFS authentication.

SharePoint Migration to Office 365

Fixed the View Threshold Limitations

We successfully fixed the loading error due to the threshold settings. You no longer need to change your threshold settings, because we made Sharegate powerful enough to deal with it automatically.

We continue to encourage your opinions and suggestions. We want to continue to be the simplest SharePoint migration tool, and we need you to help us accomplish it. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure you get it.

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