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Copy SharePoint version history and more

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From the ability to copy SharePoint version history to “Drag-and-Drop” functionality, we owe it all to you!

We constantly receive feedback from our users, and we welcome it all in order to give you whatever you need to complete your work as easily as possible. Let’s take a look at how your feedback helped us shape Sharegate into the simplest and most effective SharePoint management tool. Here are a few powerful features that we’ve added to our platform, over time, with the help of your valuable suggestions.

Property Mapping

Due to popular demand, we added the ability to change the property mappings between your source and destination. Let’s say you have a column called “Name”, and you want to copy it to a different list that has a column called “Fullname”. Well, we added an intuitive interface that allows you to map your properties in a drag-and-drop fashion. It’s simple, powerful, and it works really well. Be careful, you can only map properties of the same type.

Property mappings

Copy SharePoint Version History

We added an option in the property template that allows you to copy SharePoint version history when migrating your documents and items.

Retain version history

Preserve Authors and Timestamps

Thanks to your advice, we added another option that allows you to preserve the created and modified information when copying your documents and items.

Keep modified, modified by, created and created by

Drag-and-drop Functionality when Migrating Files, Documents, and Items

We improved overall user experience by adding the drag and drop fucntionality. Moving anything became even simpler than it already was, and that’s what we’re all about.

Drag and drop your documents and items

Managed Metadata Tagging

We conveniently enabled the support of managed metadata column types. This Sharegate feature allows you to bulk tag your documents and items while copying to the latest versions of SharePoint.

Managed metadata terms

Person or Group Column Type Support

You needed it, we did it! We added Person or Group column type support. We also added a search window that helps you find the users and groups available in your SharePoint site.

Person or group column type

Search users and groups

Forms Based Authentication (FBA) Support

We began fully supporting Forms Based Authentication. Your credentials can be entered in the advanced section when you connect to your site.

Forms Based Authentication support

General Sharegate Performance Improvements

– Optimized load times when selecting lists and libraries
– Added a link to quickly open the location for the selected list or library
– Added a button to save the current template and immediately start copying
– Greatly improved support for international character sets

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