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Copy SharePoint list items, import file share folders with ShareGate

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With every new Sharegate release, we provide a wide range of new features, based on your suggestions, that aim to simplify your everyday SharePoint tasks. Let’s take a look at a few of the cool features we’ve included over the years.

Full Support of Office 365 Beta

Before the official launch of Office 365, we provided our users with a look into the possibilities of using Sharegate with the new Microsoft product. By fully supporting Office 365 Beta, we made it possible for you to move all your files from your computer, your network drives, or your existing SharePoint sites to Office 365 without losing your metadata. Pretty great feature at the time!

Office 365 ready

Ability to Copy SharePoint List Items between Lists

We added a new tool that enabled users to copy list items to SharePoint list. While there was already a tool to copy documents between libraries, we added the feature allowing you to copy items between lists. Let’s say you start a new team site, and you want to reuse contacts from another team site. Well, in a matter of seconds, you can quickly copy your 200 contacts without having to call your IT guys. It just works.

Wizard to copy items between your lists

Assigning Metadata Values during a Copy

We added a new innovative way of providing the metadata values. During a copy, a prompt for a value appears, and allows the user to specify property values for each item during the copy. This way, you can preset values for some of the properties, and Sharegate will prompt you for the remaining ones during the copy. It’s the easiest and fastest way to do it.

Before the copy:
Prompt for a value during the copy
During the copy:
Enter value for individual item during the copy

File Share Folders became Fully Supported

Due to increasing demand for the ability to migrate file share folders to SharePoint sites, we made it possible to do just that! Folders are now fully supported, and have been for a while. In addition to migrating individual file share folders, we went a step further and made it possible to copy or move entire complex folder hierarchies into SharePoint. You simply need to select the folders you wish to move, and press copy. You can also copy folders between your SharePoint libraries or lists. It really is that simple.

Copy your folders to SharePoint

Our ears are always open to suggestions, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our users with every tool they need to succeed. Stay tuned for future versions…we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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