New in ShareGate Overcast: Anomaly detection

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We’re launching an easy way for you to detect spikes and unusual billing activity in your Azure cloud spend so you can resolve issues before they become bigger problems for your business.  

The cloud offers us amazing agility and speed, allowing developers to build what they want, how they want, and to spin up whatever resources they need for their projects. But this flexibility and the pressure to produce at a faster and faster rate can cause us to ping from one task to the next without properly cleaning up—leaving us with resources that have been misconfigured or weren't rightsized after an experiment.

Many activities—like testing load, scaling performance, or performing large data transfers—can cause a massive increase in your cloud spend. Too often, this can go unnoticed, driving up your costs month after month. 

That’s why being able to detect anomalies early is critical. You want to resolve the issue fast and limit the damage.  

But without automated tools and AI, detecting anomalies is a painstaking task and a major time sink. It requires constant manual monitoring of your environment—and once you’ve detected an anomaly, your job isn't over. More time needs to be spent investigating the anomaly to understand which resource is affected, what happened, why, and who’s responsible.  

By the time you find the answers to these questions and fix the issue, more dollars have flown out the window. 

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See what’s going on in your Azure environment and how to keep costs down

Introducing anomaly detection in ShareGate Overcast

At ShareGate, we think your time is precious and we're pretty sure you’d like to spend it doing something more valuable than manually checking for spikes in your cloud bill and digging through reports. That’s why we’re excited to launch anomaly detection in ShareGate Overcast—so we can take that burden off your shoulders. 

We automatically scan for anomalies—so you don’t have to

ShareGate Overcast’s powerful AI creates a baseline of your normal Azure resource utilization and then uses machine learning to quickly identify irregular spikes in your cloud spend. Save time by eliminating periodic manual checks and free yourself up to work on more meaningful tasks.

When we find something unusual, we’ll alert you by email so you’ll be the first to know. 

Best of all, anomaly detection works out-of-the box. Simply map resources under a CostHub, and ShareGate Overcast will let you know when there’s a cost spike for one of those resources. We scan for anomalies every day, so you can rest assured that issues are identified early. 

ShareGate Overcast automatically detects anomalies in Azure spending and displays them in an easy-to-understand interface

See a list of anomalies detected for each of your CostHubs

Speed up your investigation by having the information you need at your fingertips

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Make managing Azure costs fast, easy, and automated

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Once we’ve detected an anomaly, we don’t stop there. We know the hard part is actually figuring out what happened, and we’ve got you covered.  

Time is of the essence, so ShareGate Overcast will show you exactly where to focus your attention so you can start your investigation in the right direction. 

ShareGate Overcast will tell you:  

  • The date on which the anomaly happened
  • Which resource, resource type, resource group, and subscription are affected
  • Who the resource admin is
  • The last action performed before the anomaly was detected
  • What the affected resource's tags are
  • The cost and variation details compared to the previous day
  • The related meters for that resource along with its costs for the last 30 days, so you can more easily figure out what went wrong
ShareGate Overcast's anomaly detection allows you to see your affected resource's meters for the past 30 days

See your resource's meters for the past 30 days

Equipped with this data, you’ll have everything you need to collaborate with the resource admin to fix the issue fast. 

ShareGate Overcast's anomaly detection allows you to see all the information you need about affected resource

View all the information you need about the affected resource 

Stay on top of your cloud spend with minimal effort and time

Combined with custom budgets, AI-powered forecasting, and alerts, you can rest assured that if something goes wrong in your cloud spend, you’ll be able to react quickly to stay the course. 

We can’t wait for you to try it out! If you’re a ShareGate Overcast user or you’ve set up a free trial, you can check your anomalies right now! 

If you’re looking to manage your Azure costs more efficiently, discover how ShareGate Overcast’s user-friendly interface can give you the visibility and automating capabilities you need to easily stay on top of your tenant. 

If you’re already a ShareGate Overcast customer, learn how to get started with anomaly detection by taking a look at our documentation

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