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New in ShareGate Overcast: Better budgets, smart alerts, and intelligent forecasting for your Azure costs

CostHubs just got better! New features like budget tracking, AI-powered forecasting, and smart alerts have arrived in ShareGate Overcast to help keep your Azure costs on track.

Update (February 27, 2020): Check out our most recent release post for all the latest improvements and updates in ShareGate Overcast - including the much-awaited anomaly detection feature, which is now live!

Tracking what’s going on in Azure when you have a plethora of resources spread out across your organization can be tricky, and we don’t always have the time (or the patience!) to sort it all out.

We built ShareGate Overcast to make all of that a lot simpler, and we're thrilled to announce another milestone release for the product. We've decked out CostHubs with a ton of new features to help you plan, understand and track your Azure costs even more easily.

New in ShareGate Overcast

  • Easy to follow budget tracker with top cost drivers
  • Intelligent cost forecasting powered by AI
  • Smart notifications on costs

CostHubs: cost tracking made easy

In the previous ShareGate Overcast release, we introduced CostHubs to give you one simple way to organize and track the things that matter to you and your organization.

CostHubs give you a clear, logical view of your costs by letting you group subscriptions, resource groups and resources in whichever way makes most sense for your business structure.

Once you’ve built your CostHubs in a few clicks, you can effortlessly:

  • Determine how your organization’s Azure infrastructure costs are split
  • Get a clear, easy-to-read breakdown of costs, month by month
  • Discover any anomalies with your app or service before your users do
  • Export CostHubs to show back the costs to the right people
  • Plan better for the next month or year by understanding trends in the organization

Intelligent Azure cost forecasting

Once you’ve grouped your resources into a CostHub, ShareGate Overcast will forecast your Azure spending for both the current month and the following one.

Current- and next-month forecasting in ShareGate Overcast CostHubs

Our AI-backed forecasting engine takes into consideration your historical usage data, seasonality patterns and holiday effects to provide you with reliable cost predictions. 

As your cloud spend starts to increase, being able to accurately forecast usage becomes an important part of cloud cost management. It helps you identify trends and be more proactive so you can plan better for what’s ahead.

Better cloud budget tracking

Set a monthly budget for your CostHubs to keep tabs on where you’re at with your monthly spending.

Setting a budget enables you to manage your costs more proactively and makes everybody more accountable for the resources consumed or subscribed to. 

Identify the top cost drivers in your budget tracker

Pinpoint your top cost drivers to see which resources are impacting your budget the most and their cost variation, with last month’s spend visible to help you compare with ease.

These will help you quickly identify the change or issue that’s leading you towards a bigger spend, beyond your current budget.

Smart alerts to help you stay on budget

Alerts can also be triggered when your costs reach a certain threshold. This can help you avoid unpleasant surprises by making proactive adjustments so you don’t bust your budget.

Budgets and alerts in ShareGate Overcast
Budgets and forecasting in ShareGate Overcast help you keep Azure costs on track

Configure exactly when and how you’d like to be notified if costs go over budget or if we have high confidence it will based on current forecasts.

CostHubs makes it simple. Set up a budget and we’ll take care of the rest by:

  • Breaking down your costs
  • Intelligently forecasting where they’re headed
  • Showing you the top cost drivers contributing to your invoice
  • Emailing you if we see something is headed in the wrong direction.

Coming soon to CostHubs: anomaly detection

Update: Anomaly detection is live as of February 2020! Check out the latest release notes for all the details.

We’re already working hard on our next release! The team is now busy taking on the task of identifying anomalies in your Azure costs. Perhaps that $100 surge this month doesn’t seem like much, but it may tell us more about what’s going on in our resources - allowing you to quickly identify where issues lurk using costs as a measure.

Ready to try ShareGate Overcast? You can start a free trial now, or take it for a spin in our interactive demo environment (we won't ask for any info).

Budgets, cost alerts and forecasting for Azure, made easy.

Free trial for big Azure spenders. Free forever for everyone else!

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