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Upcoming SharePoint Trends and Best Practices – Between Two Farms

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This week’s episode of Between Two Farms is brought to you directly from Colorado, since Sharegate is at SharePoint Fest – Denver. Such conferences are a great opportunity to get fresh insights on SharePoint and what new practices and trends are coming up. We’ve already said a lot about Search and how to get the most of this feature, which was greatly improved in SharePoint 2013. It still is a pretty hot topic you should keep tabs on!
The other main thing there is to retain is that you should definitely keep in mind client-side rendering.


 If you’ve missed it, our review of Microsoft Office Delve can been watched here.

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Here’s the video Transcript:


Hi everyone, my name is Benjamin Niaulin. I’m a SharePoint MVP and this time not in Montreal, but all the way out here in Denver for SharePoint Fest. Now, before we start looking at all of these things in SharePoint, let’s face it. There is a period of change right now going on. So I thought I’d look over with some other speakers, as well as give you some insight as what you should be looking at coming into the future. For sure we’re going to Office 365 and we’re not exactly sure when you’re going to be going there, if you want to be even going there. But you should definitely be looking at creating more solutions that are not necessarily server based, that will work client-side, right? And the other thing I would tell you to definitely look at is SharePoint Search because everything is trending this way of course.

Now, you’ve probably heard about Delve, Microsoft Delve which did a video review about. If you haven’t seen it, check out the link for sure. But Delve essentially uses Search to provide you with the content that you need before you even go looking for it. So, Search is going to be a big topic this year. You learned what a crawled property is. You learned what a managed property is. Understand search crawls, it is going to be like learning columns in the SharePoint document library.

Now, on the other side you want to be able to learn or work with things like display templates or client-side rendering; in the sense where you’re not going to code for the server anymore, but rather for the client looking at the solution. So in the coming year, definitely be on the lookout because there’s a lot of changes around this SharePoint technology, whether it’s going to be called OneDrive for business for some pieces of it, or Yammer for the social part of it. Keep an eye out because a lot of it is going to change. Stay away from the server and focus on Search and client-side rendering. Let’s see what my friends had to say about this.

Rob Windsor – Lead SharePoint Consultant

One of the most important things I think for developers in the coming year is to learn how to write enterprise without JavaScript. Obviously with the app model is a big focus on moving to JavaScript, writing JavaScript in a way that’s very similar to what you’re doing on the server side so you’re modularizing your code. You’re creating multiple layers. You’re ready to code in a way that is not going to make you susceptible to a lot of the issues that JavaScript has with naming collisions, Google variables and that kind of thing.

Shyam Oza – Senior Product Manager

Hi, I’m Shyam Oza. I’m a Senior Product Manager with AvePoint and my recommendation for those of you embracing the next wave of SharePoint is to start learning how to use the client side object model, so you could embrace technologies like Delve, Azure Active Directory and Azure Machine Learning to really embrace the power of the cloud.

Joel Oleson – Director of Search Strategy

One of the biggest investments in SharePoint 2013 was Search. So you really should think about Search. And part of that is the metadata, really understanding the context of your users. It’s amazing how many SharePoint 2013 environments I look at, and Search, people even touch it. You got fast under the covers there. Serious Search technology. So what do you do? Well, we here at the Insider are happy to help you. But the other thing I would say in terms of what you should be thinking about this next year as you plan things, obviously you’re looking at Office 365 and Hybrid, and in relation to all that that’s going on, I think it’s important that you step back from that and say, “What’re really my users’ needs? What is the real jewels, the crown jewels of the company and the content we really need to bring to have immersive experiences.” I’m talking about real business value, not just hitting stuff that’s deployed and out there, but actually changing the way people work. I mean, let’s start doing real stuff.

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