Office 365 Compliance Search to Prevent Security Breaches

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Office 365 introduced a whole new level of enterprise productivity and performance by making the latest Office applications for business available via the Cloud. Add this to the new enterprise-grade services like online meeting, document sharing, business-class email, enterprise mobility and multi-device use allow a high level of flexibility for organizations of all sizes.

This amazing suite of enterprise tools also provides a comprehensive archiving solution for enterprise content for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft data.

If we imagine the amount of data generated through these various business communication and collaboration platforms, combined with the enormous increase created by social networking, then we can begin to picture the compliance implications for organizations. Today, we’ll be exploring how Microsoft and its partners enable organizations to manage compliance related concerns effectively.

Content Management

Office 365 Compliance Search

Having a brilliant tool that enhances the generation and storage of data on such a grand scale has also surfaced a new reality; the age of DAM consciousness.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems centralize digital assets, providing a systematic approach to capturing digital assets in such a way that they can be easily located and used appropriately. The effective use of DAM relies heavily on an organization's response and strategic approach to the following questions:

  • How do we organize all our ‘stuff’?
  • How can we avoid information management complications?
  • How can we ensure that we can find all the stuff we have archived?

According to a survey by Gleanster Research, some of the biggest challenges or opportunities identified by organizations around content management include collecting the right kind of data and getting the end users to comprehend the data at the same level as the analyst.

Microsoft has upgraded the Office 365 suite with a new content management feature, Office Delve, enabling users to discover and explore content relevant to subjects they care about.

Office 365 Compliance

Office 365 Compliance Search

Office 365 gives your organization the ability to own and control your data even if you decide to leave the service, acknowledging that your people and your data are your most important assets. Microsoft shares information on its commitment to maintaining proactive processes to meet your compliance needs and other security, privacy and transparency concerns through the Trust Centre.

With a continuous compliance strategy in place, Office 365 controls will proactively evolve according to the standards and regulations applicable to your specific industry and geography, helping you meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Admin and user controls such as eDiscovery, legal hold and data loss prevention are also tools available to help manage organizational compliance around electronically stored information or sensitive information.

Compliance Search

Office 365 Compliance Search

Office 365 Compliance Search - a new eDiscovery search tool - allows you to run a single compliance search on all mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites and OneDrive for Business locations all at the same time.

For quick searches when the full-fledged search system isn't required, fine-grained permissions can be accessed and customized for better accuracy on your searches. You can use search statements - keywords, Boolean logic, wildcards and searchable properties - through the Keyword Query Language advanced search, which provides result estimates to give insight into your data and possible scenarios.

While there is no limit to the number of mailboxes or sites that can be searched for in a single compliance search, a maximum number of 500 source mailboxes and sites can be previewed for the search result. With each search query having content matches found in over 500 mailboxes and sites, this means only the top 500 will be available for preview and only 200 items will be displayed on the preview page.

Another limitation is that only 500 keywords can be specified in a compliance search query, and the maximum number of mailboxes, distribution groups, or dynamic distribution groups available when selecting source mailboxes for a new compliance search is 500.

The Office 365 compliance search architecture and search objects created in Compliance Centre are distinctly different from the eDiscovery feature in Exchange Online; and the searches in Compliance Centre are therefore not displayed in the Exchange admin center.

In the near future, some additional capabilities to the Office 365 Compliance Search functionality will be released and will enable you to export search results, scope those results with searchable properties, and place holds on all public folders in your organization.

Microsoft have done a decent job in removing previous scale limitations through enhanced search capabilities that do not require individual site permission configuration, but restrict access to all of the content at the same time.

Another exciting development is Delve Boards which helps you organize your content by grouping and sharing related documents, allowing users to sort the information Delve digs up by subject. With Office 365, quick access to relevant data gets easier every day, without leaving compliance behind!

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