Office 365 still requires SharePoint administration

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There’s an increasing number of people and organization moving to the Cloud on Office 365, and this is only the beginning. Many of you might know this, but for the others: Office 365 uses a lot of SharePoint. That’s right! Microsoft’s Cloud platform uses SharePoint to provide you with features like OneDrive for Business, Group Files or specialty portals. Hence the question: do we still need to consider SharePoint administration on Office 365?

Office 365 and SharePoint administration

As you’ve probably guessed by now, a SharePoint administrator is more important than ever on Office 365. So if you’re a SharePoint Admin yourself, rejoice! You’re far from being out of work.

As for the rest of us, it’s very important to get the value behind a proper administration on Cloud based platforms. Think of your Office 365 as a giant house party (in your house) to which you’ve invited countless teenagers. If no-one’s here to enforce some basic rules like who comes in, who gets access to drinks or picks the music, well there you have it! A chaotic nightmare with hidden repercussions and a mess you’ll take ages to clean up. Tempting, ain’t it?

So better hire the best chaperon… sorry SharePoint administrator you can find! But this doesn’t mean the job’s requirements won’t change. As Office 365 evolves, so will SharePoint administration. Therefore, you need to constantly be up to date and monitor what your users are doing (or not!).

But tell me, have you faced issues on Office 365 you’ve traced back to SharePoint administration principles? What do you think admins should be extra careful with on the Cloud?

Video transcript

In this video we’re going to look at, do you still need SharePoint Administration, even in Office 365? Let’s check it out. 

Hi, my name is Benjamin Niaulin. I’m the SharePoint MVP working here at the Sharegate office, and of course, Happy New Year. It’s 2015. With this year we’ve talked with our previous video predictions.

We saw that SharePoint is definitely going towards Office 365. And even there we’re going to be talking about a consumerization, taking things and using them right away without having to necessarily set it up and do all those things that we used to do. 

But with that we should ask ourselves, “Do we still need to have that SharePoint Administration, or the SharePoint Administrator?” And to that I’ll answer you, of course. Things will change, we’ll need to adapt and it’s not the same things that you’ll be doing, or that we’ll be doing. But of course we still need the thing. 

Give you an example, when something comes out on Office 365 you can’t just roll it out, right? And now there’s been a lot of backlash there, Microsoft is releasing things way too quickly. There’s all the options we just need to understand it and that’s why we need that SharePoint Administrator to take care of this to make sure that it goes out well.

An example is, Office 365 comes out, first new releases in a first release program. So if you have your tenant set to first release you’ll get the new roll-out. You’ll be able to test it, learn out, how to use it, learn more about it, configure it, play around with it. And once you’ve understood it properly, you can then have it ready for when it rolls out to your environment, which in many cases comes months afterwards. 

So we have all of that, but we need that person to administer that for us. And that can come in many other scenarios. How is the Office graph going to work for your environment? Who is going to be creating the sites? Who’s going to go around looking at the group’s configuration for groups for Office 365? 

SharePoint Administration is still very important and is required. However it will change, and we’ll have to change with it. As we go to Office 365, you’ll need to administer your environment in different ways but it is still very important. 

Thanks for watching another episode of Between Two Farms. I’ll see you next week. 

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