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Our top sessions for your Microsoft Ignite 2018 schedule

Top Sessions to Attend at MsIgnite 2018 Top Sessions to Attend at MsIgnite 2018

The cloud is quickly changing a lot of things in the way we work. If it’s the same for you, then you were likely heading to Microsoft Ignite 2018 to get as much information as possible on how to better lead your organization through the coming transformation.

After this year’s Ignite, we have written another article to share with you what we have learned during this year’s MSIgnite. If you want to get the key takeaways, have a look Microsoft Ignite 2018 Takeaways.

Because my main focus is Office 365, I wanted to make sure that I went to all the necessary sessions to gain insights as to where Microsoft is headed. Often, carefully listening to the words they choose and the announcements they make… you can see into the future.

I already built my schedule, and if you’re like me and want to save time building your own, then here are my recommendations. Hope to see you there, the most value we can get out of this event is in the conversations we have after the sessions.

I’ll be hanging out at the Sharegate booth (#1912), come say hi.

Keynote’s Sessions

1. Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365

Let’s start with the big one, our must-see keynote following the vision and technology keynotes. Jeff Teper is the CVP of Office, OneDrive and SharePoint and it’s the first time I feel there is a cohesive story across products. This can only be good news.

Speakers Jeff Teper, Lori Wright

Session Code GS006

2. Content Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

The “OneDrive and SharePoint Keynote”. Where the previous one was a little more broad on our productivity story across Office, this will be the one that dives into your content collaboration world as you know it.

Speaker Jeff Teper

Session Code BRK2451

Roadmap’s Sessions

1. The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap

A little under the radar in the past few years behind Microsoft Teams and Modern SharePoint, Yammer has continued to grow in usage in the last two years. This year seems to have a lot of Yammer in the sessions, I expect we will hear about important changes.

Speakers Murali Sitaram, Pradeep GanapathyRaj, Steve Nguyen

Session Code BRK2094

2. Embrace Office 365 Groups: What’s new and how to get started

If you don’t go to this, then I am not sure the Office 365 track is for you. Everything, from Microsoft Teams to SharePoint Team Sites is connected to an Office 365 Group. You absolutely need to stay on top of this.

Speakers Christophe Fiessinger, Venkat Ayyadevara

Session Code BRK2137

3. What’s new and coming to Microsoft OneDrive

If it’s in SharePoint Document Libraries, there’s a good chance it came out for OneDrive for Business first. Even if you are not in charge of managing OneDrive for Business within your organization, you should pay a close attention to what they are doing with files there. It could predict what’s next in SharePoint.

Speakers Jason Moore, Stephen Rose

Session Code BRK2133

4. What’s new in Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork

It’s clear that in the productivity cloud vision that Microsoft has introduced in the past year, Microsoft Teams has a prime spot in it. It’s the hub for teams within your organization to get work done across the products delivered by Office 365 Groups and beyond thanks to Bots and Connectors. Don’t miss the roadmap.

Speaker Angela Donohue

Session Code BRK2159

5. Intelligent content services in Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365: Giving your content super powers

Not all roadmaps are about new buttons you can press. Adding your files to Office 365’s content services like OneDrive and SharePoint should bring added value. Historically, this has been Versioning and Metadata. What if there was more?

Speakers Adam Harmetz, Kristen Kamath

Session Code BRK3255

6. What’s new for Sharepoint administrators in Office 365

Classic to Modern is a transformation everyone will go through, including the SharePoint Admin. There’s a new Admin Center with new capabilities in Preview and this session will show us where it is all going. Especially in a O365 Groups connected SharePoint world.

Speakers Sebastien Fouillade, Zohar Raz

Session Code BRK3097

7. What’s New and What’s Coming to SharePoint Lists

Core to SharePoint experiences are lists and libraries that hold everything. This session promises to dive into it and see where they are headed. Updates on conditional formatting perhaps? Large Lists? Excited to see what it’s all about.

Speakers Ben Truelove, Kerem Yuceturk

Session Code BRK3096

8. What’s New in External Sharing and Collaboration with OneDrive and SharePoint External Sharing Roadmap

Collaboration means working with people outside of your organization sometimes. In Office 365 we call this External Sharing or Guests within Office 365 Groups.

Speakers Eugene Lin, Michael Pierce, Rafael Lopez-Uricoechea

Session Code BRK3100

9. New out-of-box approvals in SharePoint

To say that Flow is the successor to SharePoint Workflows is an understatement. SharePoint Workflows are extremely limited and outdated in today’s world. Flow allows us to automate beyond just SharePoint. But first things first, we need to revamp the basics and that’s Approval Flows.

Speaker Laura Rogers

Session Code BRK1110

10. SharePoint content services (ECM): What’s new and what’s coming

Bringing all our content into Office 365 and SharePoint is a huge step up in the right direction. But for many organizations, certain questions come up. How does it handle Enterprise Content Management requirements with Records, Retentions, etc.?

Speakers Chris McNulty

Session Code BRK2104

11. What’s new in SharePoint Branding, Site Scripts, and Site Designs

I don’t think we should read this as a branding roadmap session at all, though I am sure it will include some theming improvements. This session is about creating Site Designs, which once again are not about designing or branding but templating.

Speakers Denise Trabona, Sean Squires

Session Code BRK3090

12. Search in SharePoint and Across Office 365

Self-Service and having multiple workloads is amazing, I love that we can create what we need, when we need it. But it doesn’t help if we don’t know how to find content, or to craft experiences to help our end users find content afterwards. So, this is a do-not-miss session, as some announcements are bound to be made around Search in SharePoint and across Office 365. We already saw hints of it last year at Ignite, attend this session to find out more.

Speakers Matt Akers, Naomi Moneypenny

Session Code BRK2103

Get Work Done Sessions

1. SharePoint innovations for intranets and portals: Live on stage!

This session looks like it’ll be fun with great speakers showing how different workloads can come together to provide a great a experience given a particular scenario. Fun to see it in action.

Speakers Adam Harmetz, Andy Haon, Christina Torok, Dan Holme, Dave Cohen, David Kaganovsky, Mark Kashman, Ron Blandford, Suzy Dean

Session Code BRK2136

2. Transform internal communications with SharePoint news

I am big fan of what they’ve built with News and the Email Digest that comes with it, always fun to see what you can do with it.

Speakers Andy Haon, John Sanders

Session Code THR2260

3. How to build a beautiful and reusable training center with Communication Sites

Little bias here as I am the one doing this session.

Speaker Benjamin Niaulin

Session Code BRK2286

4. Real-world best practices for managing Office 365 Groups

Adopting a new way to work comes with its own challenges. Office 365 Groups is no different, always a good idea to see how others have gone about putting governance around Groups.

Speakers Martina Grom, Sahil Arora

Session Code BRK3274

5. Building a modern intranet with SharePoint and Office 365

This will sure to be a great session if you’re looking to build your next Intranet. There’s a lot of new and innovative ways to go about this for your organization and these speakers know what they are talking about.

Speakers Mark Kashman, Susan Hanley

Session Code BRK1089

I‘m also making time for sessions on these topics…

There’s a number of other sessions in my schedule, I’m excited to look over Security and Compliance Center changes, leveraging Labels, and more. Of course, if you’re planning on deploying On-Premises, SharePoint 2019 will be showcased as well. No surprises with SharePoint 2019 however, it’s already in Preview and essentially the Modern SharePoint on a DVD.

Look for me at Ignite, I’ll be glad to chat and discuss the Modern Workplace and its challenges. Also, I’ll be doing three sessions there and would love to see you there:

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