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Microsoft Ignite 2015: You shouldn’t miss it for the world

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Microsoft Ignite 2015 could very well be called the MS Mecca. This year’s edition will gather an unprecedented number of experts to give insights filled sessions alongside Microsoft showcasing what’s to come. If you’re either curious of where Microsoft is heading and what changes are to come with their products/business, or are an active community player looking to binge on this hype event, you should be there. This will be a game changing event, no one should consider missing. Not yet convinced? Why don’t you take a look at this!

Why Microsoft Ignite 2015 is THE place to be

I’ll rest my case here. The experience and information you can get from attending an event like Microsoft Ignite have no equivalent. I will not say History will be made there, but it’ll be pretty incredible, that’s for sure!

Here’s the Channel 9’s website I mentioned. I invite you to check it regularly as they often add great content, thus making it a great resources hub.

I really hope I’ll see you in May in Chicago. What are you eager to see? What are your main expectations for the conference?

Video Transcript

Hi. In this episode, I want to talk to you about the big conference, Ignite, and whether or not you should be going.

Hi, everyone. My name is Benjamin Niaulin, SharePoint MVP, working all the way up here in the northern part of America’s: Montreal, Canada, home of the expos, of course. And in this topic, I really wanted to talk about the big Microsoft conference, Ignite. For anyone in the Office 365, SharePoint, Project, e-mail Exchange, all of these productivity business emphasis on the Microsoft Suite, that’s gonna be THE conference.

But there’s a lot of talk about Ignite because it changes how we used to look at things, right? Before, we would have the Exchange conference. We would have the Lync. We would have SharePoint conferences, which is what I’ve been going to for the past couple of years.

Well, we’ve focused on the technology, focused on SharePoint, focused on Exchange, right? And of course, only talk with the experts in that particular field, and all of us went with the mindset of SharePoint, you should be doing it with SharePoint.

And I’m seeing Ignite as being that new conference, right, where all of these gather together. Now, there’s multiple conferences being merged into this particular one. We’re expecting a lot of people to be joining us, over 25,000 to 30,000 people going to Chicago for this Ignite conference.

Conference attending vs Video recordings

Now, why should you go? Because just like you, as an attendee, I’m wondering, well, last year, and the new model of Microsoft is often to give the sessions on channel nine. Now, you can check it out,, if I’m not mistaken. Otherwise, check out the URL.

But all of these sessions from these conferences are available almost the same week of the conference or if not, the week after, instantly. So, it is great value, but should you be going if all of these sessions are gonna be available afterwards?

Between you and me, are you actually going to look at these videos at the office? I mean, maybe you will, a few, but the problem is, we always tell ourselves, “We’re going to check out the video.” “I do it myself,” “I’ll check it out later,” probably like this video right now. But essentially, we’re always telling ourselves, “Well, each session is over an hour long, right now I’m at work,” it doesn’t work.

In all honesty, every single time we tell ourselves that, I’ve even downloaded all of the videos offline. There’s always a script to download them, but it does not happen. I’m stuck at work, I got things to do, I go home, I go home, I don’t pay attention, except for a few to go back to afterwards, which is always great.

But the real value in the conference isn’t necessarily to go to the session to hear and see what’s gonna happen next, which is always awesome because we wanna know what’s coming to Office 365. Microsoft is in a period of change, right? Everything is changing.

They’re going from three-year release cycles to agile, always releasing small products, see how you like it, and then updating it and adjusting it based on people’s request, based on the feedback that comes through. So I wanna see what’s coming, I wanna see the integration it’s gonna have with Windows 10, I wanna see the integration, whereas everything comes together. I wanna be able to see and speak to experts in the same suite.

Access to immense expertise

I’m not an Exchange expert. I did a lot of Exchange for a while, but if I’m going to migrate to Office 365, where I’m gonna be in charge of managing Office 365, I want to make sure that I have perspective on all of these other spheres, whether it’s Lync, whether it’s Exchange, not just SharePoint, not just a vertical anymore.

And that’s very important, so I wanna be there, but I wanna have access to all the other companies that are there as attendees that I can speak to around the events, around tables at lunch, going across the exhibit hall to see if there isn’t somebody that developed a solution that already solves a problem instead of me sending developers or spending money on it and then having to support it myself, when I could have spent a couple of dollars to just get the solution and of course, have access to the Microsoft people that are working on these different softwares, are working on Office 365, which I assume will be the main attraction.

We’re gonna be talking about many different things. SharePoint on premises is still to come, but Office 365 is definitely where everything is heading. Remember, we’re still expecting a new version of on premises SharePoint.

We’re still expecting all of this stuff, but how is it going to play in a hybrid scenario as migrations are gonna become more and more hybrid to consume the pieces that you need based on your business requirements in Office 365 and maybe keep everything else on premises or go completely to Office 365.

So, this conference is definitely gonna be very valuable just to see everyone, to interact, to ask questions, to go to the Q and A, to go to the session, find out how it’s working. So, of course you’ll have the videos afterward, but tell yourself, are you going to sit down and listen to . . . how many sessions are there going to be? Over 200, over 300, who knows? Are we really going to sit down afterwards and watch every single video? I don’t think so, at least for me.

So, I hope I’m going to see you at the Ignite conference. You can look for us. Follow @sharegatetools or @bniaulin so that we can keep in touch and meet each other there. I hope to see you there, I absolutely do. Plus, it’s in the beautiful city of Chicago. Thanks for watching another episode of Between Two Farms and I’ll see you next week.

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