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Migrate SharePoint to Office 365: Planning your SharePoint Online migrationI was recently given the opportunity to speak at SharePoint Fest in Denver and among my five sessions, I discussed the famous Governance Plan. My experience with Governance in SharePoint projects has been interesting as there are many takes on it. I’ll admit that at the beginning, even I did some pretty horrible plans that no one read and useful to no one. But overtime and with the help of some fellow experts, that has changed.

SharePoint Governance is first about providing guidelines

If I had only one thing to say about building a SharePoint Governance, it would be “Guidelines”. It’s not so much about policing your environment, but providing help and guidance on what your audience is trying to do. No one goes in SharePoint with “bad intentions”, often they simply do not know what is the proper way of doing something. I’ve mentioned it in my short video Building a SharePoint Governance Overview, keep it simple and contextual. The 500 pages PDF will not be read and won’t be helpful, but through a Wiki with links in the right locations makes all the difference.

Asking the right questions is something I learned from the best in Governance

Susan Hanley, I cannot give enough praise as her content has helped me time and time again while I learned this often-complex topic. If I started listing all her presentations and whitepapers the page would go on forever, instead I invite you to visit her site to get what you need. Just remember that not everything necessarily applies to you, every company is different and so must the SharePoint Governance Plans. On her site you will find various presentations or should I say exercises to do with your customer or colleagues. My favorite is the sample guideline questions to help you and your team get started. Make sure to browse through her site and give her a thank you for the obvious countless hours spent building this content.

I am considering adding a table of contents with references to guides, presentations and other helpful files that were not mentioned above so this can become a quick reference for SharePoint Governance in the community. If something has been very helpful for you please leave me a comment here and I will add it in the post.

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