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One vision, one product, one install, one ShareGate

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Today, we reached another milestone in Sharegate’s history. Our team is more than proud to announce the release of Sharegate 5.0. In addition to its brand new home screen that will make things even simpler for you, we’ve added some awesome new features. With Sharegate, it’s simple: Just do everything in one place! Thanks to today’s release, it’s now possible.

By building the simplest migration and management tool, we’ve decided to simplify our installation process, documentation and license activation. It’s our way of continually renewing our promise to be the simplest SharePoint Migration and Management tool out there.

Can’t wait to try our tool? Try it now or update to our SharePoint Migration and Management tool.

New home screen

Take a look at our new home screen. We really love how easy it is to take action from there. We’ve got the migration tool you’ve known and loved for a long time now, the management reports, the powerful explorer and find & fix features.

From there, you’ll have the most compliant and effective SharePoint you’ve always dreamed of.

Sharegate 5.0 - Home page

Manage OneDrive for Business

Governance doesn’t apply only to SharePoint or Office365 sites, it’s also important to maintain and govern users’ personal sites named OneDrive for Business within O365.

1. Include OneDrive for Business

You can now decide to include OneDrive for Business when running preconfigured rules in the “Select Targets” step. Find and fix unhealthy behavior and preserve good habits among your O365.

Sharegate 5.0 - Select targets

2. Explore and Manage OneDrive for Business

The Sharegate Explorer drills through each existing OneDrive for Business object and presents tons of information.

Sharegate 5.0 - Explore OneDrive for Business

View the content, edit some properties, add to basket for bulk editing, open a site or go to the site settings. Those are the quick actions you can take for all OneDrive for Business.

Sharegate 5.0 - Quick Actions

For example, if you need to add an administrator to a OneDrive, change its description or title, you can do it from the Edit action.

Sharegate 5.0 - Edit Action

3. Use the basket and give Site Collection Administrator access

Did you know that you need to be a Site Collection administrator to have full access on OneDrive for Business ? In previous SharePoint, the site collection administrator had automatic access to the MySites, it’s not the same in the Cloud.

You can add as many OneDrive for Business as you want in the basket and edit them together.

Sharegate 5.0 - Explore OneDrive for Business

Sharegate 5.0 - Multiple Edition in OneDrive for Business

Online Documentation
Take a look at our simple and clear Online Documentation. You can find everything you need to know about Sharegate.

Sharegate 5.0 - Home Screen

Would you like to see these new features in action before trying it for yourself? Register to our next live demo. Otherwise, download Sharegate 5.0 and start Migrating and Managing your SharePoint like a boss!

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