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Copy SharePoint lists and more with SharePoint structure migration

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As Product Director and CEO of Sharegate, I actively encourage the opinions of all our users in order to make Sharegate the ultimate tool for managing everything that is SharePoint and Office 365. Over the past several years, our product has become famous for its content migration tools. However, we wanted to take our migration capabilities to an entirely new level. That’s precisely why we introduced a whole new structure migration tool, which allows users to copy SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Site Columns, and Content Types between sites. Trust me, it’s dead simple.

Let’s take a look at how this advanced feature could come in handy for you.

Copy SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Site Columns, and Content Types

Sharegate provides a new tool to copy SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Site Columns, and Content Types from one location to another. By simply dragging and dropping, users can move their SharePoint lists and libraries from an older version of SharePoint, to a newer version (You can also do this with Office 365!). It’s also possible to granularly migrate the Site Columns and Content Types. Furthermore, this tool requires no server installation. Give it a try.

Copy SharePoint Lists and Libraries
Copy SharePoint Lists Libraries Content Types Site Columns

Copy SharePoint Documents and Copy SharePoint Items merged

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we decided to merge both tools. Previously, there was a tool for copying list items, and another one for copying library documents. Now, there’s a single tool for copying SharePoint content. It’s much more intuitive. Thanks for the feedback.

Migrate SharePoint Content
Thanks to our amazing team!

Sharegate Team


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