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What is Microsoft InfoPath and what future it has? Should we (still) use it? How is it related to SharePoint? So many questions right? In this episode, I’ll try to clarify all of this to give you a better overview of the situation. Basically, InfoPath helps you create enriched forms you can integrate with SharePoint. I’ve personally been using it for a long time and will continue to do so. If you know how to use it properly and its limitations, you can do a lot with InfoPath along with SharePoint. Even boost adoption!

The future of InfoPath forms with SharePoint

As they say, better late than never. So if you haven’t started using InfoPath yet (with SharePoint or not), you’ve got 9 pretty good years of support to do so! It is a great tool to have in your toolbox! And, by the way, we migrate InfoPath forms as of Sharegate 4.7

Video transcript:

Hi! In this video, I want to talk to you about InfoPath and what exactly is the future of InfoPath. Hi. My name is Benjamin Niaulin. I’m a SharePoint MVP here at the Sharegate office in Montreal.

In this episode of “Between Two Farms”, I want to talk to you about what is the future of InfoPath, right? There’s a lot going on. Should we use it? Should we not use InfoPath?

What is InfoPath?

Now, before we begin, if you’re not sure what Infopath is, well, it’s the — How can I say this? It’s Microsoft’s product or Microsoft’s version of PDF Creator, if you like. It’s not for PDF. What it does is it actually creates forms. It allows you, in front of InfoPath, to create forms that, for many years, have integrated with SharePoint.

That means that when you’ve created that quite of complex or smart form with validation rules, with actions, with workflows within them, you could then post it into SharePoint as a web form so people could fill it out directly with their browser without even needing Infopath on their computer but it would provide a rich and fun experience, which even sometimes helped with the adoption of SharePoint. 

Is it right to continue to use InfoPath?

A couple of years ago, in fact, last year, it was announced by Microsoft that they were no longer going to support InfoPath in 2023, in 2023. We have some time, and that’s what I’d like to stress right now. Yes, it is okay to continue using it. I use InfoPath all the time. Some of my customers still do.

What is important right here is for you to understand what is happening. There is no longer anyone working on InfoPath so there will no longer be any new features and yes, it will not be supported in 2023. So if you understand that and if you understand that it does not necessarily scale well and it is limited in some ways, if you understand how InfoPath works, but it still makes sense to use it in your situation.

If you need to create a quick form to ask people to create a new site, right? If you have a cycle or a side creation in your organization and you want people to fill out a form to get a better information before you create that site for them, InfoPath is amazing. So it is still okay to use it. You just have to understand what is happening to it and where it is going.

So what are the other possibilities?

If InfoPath is dead, as we say, but it still got a good 10 years, what are we going to do if we don’t want to put ourselves in the situation where we are using InfoPath? Well, the other solutions right now is either third party products or you got to do it yourself.

So ideally, if you are starting a new project and you have developers or you have people that know how to create web forms, you would probably want to do it this way. It will be directly integrated with your browser. It is easy to use. It doesn’t require anything else. It fits right in the page. It will probably — the best scenario is to create those web forms using HTMLs, obviously CSS, some JavaScript, whatever library is available out there to create that best experience of forms, responsive, touch-enabled, whatever you like.

But if you don’t have anyone and you don’t want to get a third party, InfoPath is still okay and I want you to see that as long as you understand what is happening to it.

All right? So thanks for watching another episode of “Between Two Farms”, and I will see you next week.

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