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Top 10 SharePoint blog posts

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In a period of change for SharePoint and Office 365, I looked back to 2014 and picked our most popular and shared content for the year. A lot has happened, from the big conference to announcements of new features in SharePoint Office 365. Let’s take a look back.

My first trip to Australia and New Zealand this year and SharePoint was the reason, a great conference in fact. After doing my session on effective Team Site Collaboration, I met Rebecca Jackson who told me she had taken notes. These notes are good for anyone, like a quick reference card with tips before and during your SharePoint project.

Link: How to use a SharePoint Team Site for Collaboration [Infographic]

9 – Review of Microsoft Office Delve for SharePoint Office 365

A big announcement this year was for Delve, a new search and discovery tool. Though some saw it as a new potential Intranet at first, that is not what it aims for at all. Delve is a personal tool for each user of Office 365, to quickly see and find what they need to work with. It uses Office Graph, the real star of the show, and displays information before you go looking for it. It is definitely going to be a big part of the future of SharePoint, but perhaps it has arrived to quickly. What do you think?

Link: Review of Delve for SharePoint O365 [Video + Post]

8 – What I did to improve my SharePoint Performance

Possibly the number 1 question after I finish doing a presentation. “How did you get it to be so fast?” and the answer is simple, SQL. Though SharePoint can be configured to increase performance, it also heavily relies on SQL and the hard drives it is sitting on. I can’t take credit for this one, learned everything from Edwin Sarmiento SQL MVP during a SharePoint Saturday. He showed me that with a full simple changes, the performance can go up by over 30%.

Link: Improve your SharePoint Performance

7 – No you’re wrong, SharePoint doesn’t suck

I think this may have been a little rant, I forget now. The thing is, SharePoint is a huge platform and can help you do a lot with it as an organization. However, you need to know how it works and how to tailor it to your needs. This has been great for SharePoint, but in retrospect I believe was also an issue for some to pick it up and start using it right away. Here I wrote some answers to the popular SharePoint Sucks tagline I would hear with things like performance, search and cost of SharePoint.

Link: SharePoint doesn’t suck and here’s why

6 – 10 Facts Every SharePoint User needs to know [Infographic]

That moment where you wish someone told you that’s how it is in SharePoint before you started. Well, I tried to put up a quick list in this infographic to try and give you a heads up. It always comes back to the same thing though, understand how SharePoint works and what it can do before you start. Content Types, OneDrive for Business, Search, etc… These should all be well understood before you begin

Link: 10 Things to know as a SharePoint User [Infographic]

5 – Change the way you see SharePoint collaboration in 2015

I knew Groups for Office 365 was coming for a while, but in all honesty I didn’t think too much of it. It’s not until I saw it in front of me and used it that I realize Office 365 was going in a different way to help organizations with Collaboration. Groups introduced a quick and easy way to consume SharePoint and other bits of the now growing platform of Office 365, not unlike Team Sites tried to do in the past but different. In my opinion, you better look at 2015 closely as more of their vision is revealed.

Link: Change the way you see SharePoint Collaboration

4 – 8 Ways to prepare your move to Yammer [Infographic]

A great way to get to know Yammer if you haven’t done so already. Yammer is now part of Office 365 and more and more present in our SharePoint. At first, it was just another platform on the side that Microsoft bought as Social Enterprise Networks grew in popularity. However, as time passes we’re seeing it get closer and closer to the rest of the products in the Office suite. After a Yammer 101 conversation with other experts answering questions, I decided to put 8 points that came up as an infographic as well as the full summary.

Link: 8 Ways to prepare your move to Yammer [Infographic]

3 – 7 Ways to make your users addicted to SharePoint [Infographic]

Popular topic in SharePoint, Adoption. How do we get our users to use this platform whether it’s in O365 or On-Premises? My colleague Natasha shares some of her thoughts on this and I have to say I 100% agree. Check out this 7 tips and make sure it’s implemented for you and your organization. There is nothing worse that having an elaborate SharePoint no one is using.

Link: 7 tips on SharePoint User Adoption

2 – OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive – Know the difference

The famous OneDrive for Business, it’s become quite the relationship here. In an effort to reach even more people with Office 365 and SharePoint, Microsoft used the brand of OneDrive that is already known and popular as a free online service by Microsoft. Taking a piece of SharePoint called My Sites and branding it as OneDrive for Business while adding even more features like document sync and access through mobile devices. It’s very important to understand what it is, what it does and its’ differences with OneDrive.

Link: OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive

1 – Is SharePoint being carved up for parts?

Ah! If 2014 could be summed up in a sentence for SharePoint, there it is in my opinion. Nothing is actually happening to SharePoint itself, but the word and the brand is evolving to offer even more with what it already has. Instead of a huge platform that can do everything, a platform with things ready for you to use. SharePoint is still there and the same below, but above it has been cut and packaged into something your users can use right away. See what I mean in the blog, though even more has changed since then.

Link: SharePoint Brand Carved into consumable parts

Learn more on SharePoint On-Premises or Office 365

No matter which you are on, SharePoint is SharePoint. And until you’ve learned it all (I am still learning) you’ll still need to explore and figure out how this all works together. I’ve put together many of my blogs as well as my colleagues together by category to help you read it and consume it. Videos, How-to’s, Downloads, detailed explanations… they are all there and I hope it helps.

Link: Learning more on SharePoint

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