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What a Sharepoint Governance Plan should be – Between two Farms

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SharePoint Governance is a highly complex subject. But focusing on writing those insanely long plans to make sure everything is covered in the tiniest details isn’t the best strategy!

Here’s a new take on the matter:


SharePoint Wiki pages are definitely the way to go with when it comes to SharePoint Governance. They provide easy access and readability to your users to ensure quick consultation and therefore, adoption. Your SharePoint Governance plan will now live on as its content can be edited and referenced.

Make sure you check what Susan Hanley has written on Governance.

Take a look at our detailed, step-by-step blog series on SharePoint Governance planning:


Here’s the transcript of the video:

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of Between Two Farms. My name is Benjamin Naiulin, we’re at the Sharegate office here in Montreal. This time I want to talk to you about a topic that’s actually been very talked about in the past and that’s governance. No, no! Don’t go away! SharePoint governance I know is one of those words that everybody’s talking about.

Governance is important but doesn’t have to be complicated

Everybody says it’s important and you should do it and it feels like it’s super, super complex and complicated. I said it I know twice, but that’s how complex and complicated that it made it sound to be. And I’m here to tell you… I mean I’ve done a session recently and I’m here to tell you the same thing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be that 500 PDF document that you download from the Microsoft website.

What is SharePoint governance?

All it is, and what it’s meant to be, is to help your… to guide your users to use SharePoint the right way. And your users will be developers, will be site administrators, will be the IT pros, will be anybody. But you’re here to guide them to use it. So don’t focus on creating those large and heavy documents for your SharePoint governance because frankly, and this is from past experiences, no one’s going to read it. Even if you’ve prepared for two weeks you’ll be the only person… not even your manager or your boss will read it because it is not useful in that method.

A step-by-step approach to cover all the questions

Now what I’d like to do instead is to create a wiki. Now, before you start all of this I encourage you to check out my step-by-step approach where you’ll see create the roles and responsibilities, create the governance committee of course, and all of the different steps that are… to build this, to gather the information that you need for the rules, the policies, align them with your mission statement of course. Check out Susan Hanley’s content; it is awesome. She’s got some guideline questions, PowerPoint’s, so you can go and start with questions that come up very, very often.

Build a governance wiki

But once you’ve got those answers to those questions, once you know what you want to put into place and how you want to put it into place… I mean an example question will everyone being using one drive for business?
These are questions that you need to be asking to be able to enforce it whether it’s technologically that means with features by blocking or enabling things in SharePoint. Now we’re talking… it doesn’t matter where it is of course. And what I’ll encourage you to do is to actually create a wiki site in terms of governance.

That means each wiki page is actually going to be one certain part of the governance.

How to upload documents or what is the file name convention? And then you can easily edit document libraries, their page, to add the description, right? A document library is on a page.
You can edit the page and quickly add a link to reference that wiki and that wiki will live on. It will be accessible through the training, through documentation; emails, communications that you give out.

An easy way to consume information

That’s the beauty of it. Is that we’ll be able to consume the parts of the governance, but in the… the contextual format so that if I’m currently uploading a video I’ll know how to upload a video. If I want to start working on my Mysite or my OneDrive for business I’ll know what I can and can not do.
And if I’m a developer and I need to create a new feature, I’ll know, right? And I’ll go quickly to the wiki, search it, or I’ll get links to lead me there. The best way is to start simple, but practical.

Make sure the right questions are well documented in your governance plan

So if you want to do a governance plan forget and ditch the large PDF, make sure you read up on all you can in terms of what you can create or how to gather the right questions, how to make the right governance committee for your organization. But once you got it, please, put that PDF away and implement it in a way that will guide your users. Really help them get to use SharePoint casually, but still enforce the policies that you have in place.

So don’t forget to check out Susan Hanley’s great content as well as a step-by-step approach that we have on the Share-Gate blog and I’ll see you next week at the next Between Two Farms

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