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What’s changing in our tool’s new migration interface

What's Changed in the New Migration UI? What's Changed in the New Migration UI?

Most people have come to know the Sharegate Desktop tool as the best and easiest tool for migration projects. In the last few years, we’ve also began positioning ourselves as more of a pro-active tool. Our goal: help organizations improve and manage their digital workplace, with the help of our desktop or online tools, and our educational resources.

In the last few months, our product team has been working day and night to improve the Sharegate Desktop tool’s usability and user interface. We’ve read hundreds of comments and revisited our first and core use case: migration.

In a few weeks, we’ll be releasing a major update to our product and we’ve prepared this article to make the change as smooth as possible for our users.

One Tool to Rule Them All

In the past, once the Sharegate Desktop tool was installed on a workstation, our package offered two executable solutions; Sharegate and Sharegate Migration.

The two different applications confused many people.

Thus, Sharegate will now be one centralized tool that empowers IT administrators to migrate and manage their environment from a single interface. No more confusion about which tool to use!

Sharegate - New Migration Interface

One of the impacts of this transition is that Sharegate will no longer be available in French.

Bye Bye Tabs

Jumping back into a previous task is never easy, so we’ve reviewed the way navigation is handled in Sharegate to ensure a smooth transition between tasks. The first thing many will notice is the disappearance of tabs, for a more consistent navigation system.

All Tasks Panel

If you’ve used our management tool in the past, you probably already know this, but you can display and open any task report that was executed with Sharegate, like a previous migration report for example.

All Tasks Sharegate Panel


It previously took multiple clicks to change the Source environment of a migration. For this reason, we standardized the three steps into a simple and efficient breadcrumb navigation, offering a better user experience.


Sharegate's old breadcrumb


Sharegate's new breadcrumb

From Sessions to Connections

We realized over time that users were generally working with multiple tabs. Unfortunately, these “Sessions” weren’t saved when restarting Sharegate. To make it easier to jump right back to them, the migration home screen now presents the 15 last “Connections”.

As soon as a source and a destination are connected, this connection will automatically be saved for future use.

New Recent Connections Section in Sharegate

Complete Makeover of the Migration Options

Even if Sharegate has always been easy and fun to use, many features have been added over the years and the interface has become a little cluttered. Here are some of the design improvements we’ve made.

All Mapping Options Together

The four different screens to map Security and Metadata are now under the same roof.


Sharegate's old mapping options


Sharegate's new mapping options

No More Popups Before a Migration

Many users voiced frustration over having to answer multiple popup questions before launching a migration. Now, simply drag and drop, or hit Copy to migrate using the default settings!

Migration with default settings

Copy Options Templates

For some, the default template isn’t enough.

In the past, to customize a template, users had to create and edit a property template, even for a small change in the copy options. We’ve corrected this situation by allowing users to configure settings for a single migration, without having to create a template.

Simply configure options using our Default Options template, and start copy.

Copy Options Template

Warning: A migration using custom properties without a template will not be saved for future use.

Renaming for Clarity

In order to better represent what they actually do, we have renamed some options:

  • Export selection to Excel is now -> Export Metadata
  • Import from Excel is now -> Import & Copy

New naming convention Export Metadata and Import and Copy

Migration modes were also renamed and moved into “Advanced Copy”:

  • Silent mode is now -> Automatic
  • Interactive mode is now -> Manual

Migration modes in advanced copy


Previously hidden in a drop-down menu on the Copy button of the copy screen, the pre-check has now found a more visible position in the Advanced Copy screen.

Pre-check migration

New Home for Bulk Edit and Download Content (Previously Export from SharePoint)

In order to keep Sharegate as easy to use as possible, these two popular features were relocated into the Explorer.

bulk edit and download content in the Explorer

Sharegate: Going Pro-Active!

This new experience in our Sharegate Desktop tool will take some getting used to, but we strongly believe that having one and only tool to manage and migrate SharePoint content will help our users in the long run.

To know more about our vision for the future of Sharegate, read our Chief Product Officer Sebastien Leduc’s article on the subject.

This merge is a first step for us in bringing together the best of migration and management. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this, so please let us know what you think by giving us your feedback!

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