Automatically apply the right security settings to your teams and groups

In this video, we’ll go over how you can automatically apply custom-fit security settings to each team and group, based on its level of sensitivity. That way, you can protect your organization’s data without hindering productivity or collaboration. 


ShareGate enables you to assign a sensitivity tag to your teams and groups based on how sensitive the information within it is. 

From the Manage tab, you can easily see each of your teams and its associated sensitivity tag. 

For example, as an admin, I’ve set the tags to classify my teams:  

  • Highly confidential 
  • Confidential 
  • General 

Each of these tags manages three customizable security settings: 

  • Privacy 
  • External sharing, and Guest access 

From the Settings tab, it’s easy to set sensitivity tags for your teams. ShareGate has set tags by default, which you can edit or delete. You can even create new ones that best fit your business needs. It’s important to enter a description for each sensitivity tag so that team owners understand what they stand for.  That information will be shown to them when they select a sensitivity for their team via our chatbot. 

Once you’ve set your sensitivity tags, you can go back to the Manage tab to manually add a sensitivity to one or multiple teams, if you know how sensitive they are. But we know it’s not easy for you to select the right tag because you’re not in those teams and groups. 

That’s why we’ve made it super easy for you to collect that information directly from owners with ShareGate. Simply ask owners directly. That way you’ll be sure that the right sensitivity tag, and its associated security settings, are applied. 

Once you’ve clicked on “Ask owners”, our Microsoft Teams chatbot will automatically contact team owners to ask them to select a sensitivity for their team, aided by the tag descriptions. 

Their response will be relayed to you, in ShareGate, and the security settings corresponding to the chosen tag will automatically be applied to their team.   

To make things even easier for you, you can automate this process.  This means that whenever a team or group gets created, ShareGate’s Teams chatbot will automatically poke the owner to select a sensitivity.  

Also, when you initially turn on the bot, we’ll make sure to poke all existing teams and groups that don’t have a sensitivity tag. 

As an admin you can overwrite any selection made by an owner. You can easily edit a team’s security settings from the team’s detailed page. Note that if you prevent a team from allowing guests, any existing guests will be automatically kicked out of the team.  

And if there are teams with security settings that don’t match their assigned sensitivity tag, they’ll be highlighted for you to course-correct. For example, an owner might’ve changed the status of their Confidential team from private to public. 

You can also use a team’s sensitivity information to customize your governance policies further. For example, you can customize your external sharing review policy, which dictates how frequently owners are asked to review their guests and external shared links. You might want to set a shorter recurrence of review for “Confidential” teams so their guests and links are reviewed more frequently. That way, you can rest assured that, with ShareGate, no data falls into the wrong hands.