Manage Teams membership and orphaned teams

In this video, we’ll go over how you can easily manage and edit Teams membership. That includes assigning owners to orphaned teams and groups to ensure there is always someone accountable. All that with just a few clicks. 


From the Manage tab, you can easily filter your teams or groups to see which ones are orphaned. No need to pull reports or run PowerShell scripts. When ShareGate crawls your tenant, it automatically identifies teams and groups that are without an owner.  

Assigning a new owner is simple! Just select the orphaned team you want to add an owner to and choose from the list of recommended owners. They’re the team members who were last active. 

Otherwise, you can assign someone else you think is better positioned to be the new owner. You can also assign an owner to multiple teams to speed things up. 

A good way to avoid having orphaned teams is to always have at least two owners. In case one leaves, the other acts as backup. Filter to see which teams only have one owner, and easily add a second one. 

Another way of doing this is by clicking on the specific team. You’ll see all its details: a list of members, guests and recommended owners if it doesn’t have one. 

With just a few clicks you can add or remove members and guests. And even promote members to owner. It’s easy to see just how quick and convenient it is to manage Teams membership and orphaned teams using ShareGate.