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We know that the Azure community is better when we connect, share, and collaborate. Deploy aims to give you the knowledge you need to make the most of the tools available to you in Azure.

At Deploy, Azure experts shared their experiences and insights to help you identify best practices to increase efficiency and visibility in the cloud.

Watch recordings of any or all of the sessions to learn from the experts.


Bulletproofing your Azure subscriptions

In this session we’ll take a comprehensive look at bulletproofing your Azure subscriptions. We’ll cover Azure security for developers and IT Pros, and list out the crucial tasks everyone should immediately do in their Azure estates. Also, enable MFA!

Governance: The forgotten key to managing the cloud

We all want to use the cloud in our projects, and every customer I talk to has developers that want to pioneer their company’s adoption of the latest and coolest stuff. But for every success

Securing Serverless Applications in Azure

Serverless is all about unleashing developer productivity by reducing the management burden and allowing you to focus on the application logic. But even for serverless applications, security is key!

In this session Sjoukje

Manage and govern your hybrid servers using Azure Arc

Thomas Maurer shows you how you can manage and govern your Windows and Linux machines hosted outside of Azure on your corporate network or other cloud provider, similarly to how you manage native Azure virtual

Azure Resource Manager templates tips, tricks, and advanced techniques

A technical discussion of some more advanced techniques to take your Azure Resource Manager templates to the next level. Covering techniques such as T-Shirt sizes, functions and testing as well as some brand new tools

Exploring Azure with Resource Graph

Azure Resource Graph is a service that is designed to enable us to explore all of our Azure resources and effectively manage our cloud inventory at scale. There is no better way to learn about

Lessons learned: Improving visibility, accountability and cost in Azure

The cloud promises many great things, but they won’t magically happen without any adjustment on your part. In a democratized model, giving more power to more users comes at a price. Visibility, accountability, and cost

Implementing control and governance at-scale using Azure Policy and Azure governance

In this session, we will go over how Azure makes it easy to get better visibility and control into your environment using Azure Governance. This will be an in-depth session on Azure Governance capabilities, Azure Policy architecture, and best practices on implementing governance.

Learn how to make a governance plan to optimize your Azure environment

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