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Welcome to a world of facts and fears

Prepare to enter a world where two IT pros, Sam and Tom, have clashing views of what it means to manage Office 365 and Azure. Sam's got facts on his side, Tom has fears. How do you see migration, governance, and cost management?

Step 1:


[mahy-grey-shuhn] noun

1. Movement of essential data and workloads to the Microsoft cloud to enable a more flexible, scalable, and productive work environment. "We used ShareGate for our Office 365 migration, and it couldn’t have been simpler."

How Tom sees migration: Losing half of your data and enabling security breaches while working overtime to move your business to an unknown entity.
"When I think about how I could lose control of my files, applications, and resources during a migration to the cloud, I need to breathe into a paper bag."

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Matt Wade

Well done. Every character perfectly represented. 😂

ChampionOfCloud avatar
Stephen Owens

@sharegatetools Thankyou for sending me Tom’s Story. It had me in stitches! Great advertising for great products.

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Keith Whatling

This SO SO SO this!

Step 2:


[guh-ver-nuhns] noun

1. The methods and strategies used to manage how an organization works in Office 365 to provide flexibility and end-user autonomy while maintaining security and visibility for IT professionals. "Good governance requires some planning, but with the right tools it can be streamlined."

How Tom sees governance: The tedious, time-consuming work you have to do to guarantee that your business' data is secure—when locked-in on-premises servers would have worked just fine! "How can I ensure good governance when I can hear my team whispering about all of the useless groups they’re eventually going to abandon and all the files they're sharing externally?"

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Step 3:

cost management

[kost man-ij-muhnt] expression

1. Ensuring you have clear visibility of your resource usage in Azure; Keeping track of who is spinning up what and why, and finding and fixing costly anomalies before they become budget issues. "Cost management is an essential part of maintaining control over your Azure environment."

How Tom sees cost management: An overwhelming task that my boss thinks is something I should be able to do while still keeping up with all my other responsibilities. "I created a cost management strategy, but without the right tools, trying to live up to it is impossible."

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