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Keep IT Simple with ShareGate

Tom, the newly promoted head of IT, needs to move to the cloud. His first concerns: costs, data loss, migration downtime, governance. No wonder he started hyperventilating, right?

Sam, who's been through this once or twice before, shared his experience using ShareGate’s tools for IT Pros. His opinion, “ShareGate keeps IT simple.”

How can ShareGate keep IT simple for you?

Moving to the cloud shouldn't send costs through the roof.

Tom has major concerns about his infrastructure costs rising when moving to the Microsoft Cloud. Likewise, he doesn’t have time to keep track of this on top of everything else he needs to do.

But do his bosses want to hear this?

Sam’s been using Microsoft Azure for a while and can help Tom pitch ShareGate Overcast. He not only used this Azure cost tracking and optimization tool to find savings in his environment, but now he uses it to forecast costs and proactively detect spending anomalies!

Want to avoid your Azure costs going through the roof?

Don't hyperventilate over Microsoft 365 migration and governance

Tom’s worried about the down time, data loss, and the costs that can come with moving to the cloud. He also needs to make sure that once his team is in the cloud, things don’t spin out of control.

Sam’s experience moving to the Microsoft Cloud was quick and easy because he used ShareGate. He prepared the migration and simulated it, identifying—and correcting—potential issues as he migrated incrementally. Not bad with with a drag-and-drop interface, right?

And when it came to IT management and governance, ShareGate took care of that too. Automated governance tools gave Sam visibility across the entire lifecycle. He also learned who's sharing what with whom and he made external sharing reviews a recurring process, so they actually happen!

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