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ShareGate Apricot includes:

Lifecycle management

  • Tenant health snapshot

    Get an overview of the status of all your teams in your tenant.

  • Inactive team monitoring

    ShareGate Apricot crawls through your teams, including their associated Outlook inboxes and SharePoint site collections, looking for user-generated activity. Set a threshold for team inactivity; we’ll surface up teams that don’t meet that requirement.

  • Orphaned team monitoring

    ShareGate Apricot identifies teams that don't have valid owners—ensuring someone is always accountable for usability, security, and compliance in each team.

  • Membership management

    Easily add or remove team members and promote new owners to orphaned teams based on ShareGate Apricot’s recommendations.

  • Team activity report

    See all your teams’ activity in one place and drill-down to the level of detail you need.

  • Content archival

    Safely archive team files and retrieve them at any time—even past Microsoft’s 30-day “soft delete” period.

  • Archived teams report

    See all the teams and files you’ve ever archived in one central location.

Security and compliance

  • External sharing management

    See the links for all files and folders shared externally by each team and know who shared them. Revoke access if you need to.

  • External sharing reviews

    Entrust team owners to periodically validate external sharing links and customize the frequency of the reviews.

Collaborative governance

  • Team owner entrusting

    Assign responsibility to owners you trust. Automatically prompt them to make decisions about their teams so they can help you keep things organized and secure.

  • Team owner notifications

    Entrusted owners automatically receive an email notification when a decision about their team needs to be made. Easily customize the sender and body of the email.


  • Archive your files and folders in your own Azure storage. If you prefer, you can also store your data in ShareGate Apricot’s Azure storage (East US 2 region).


  • Free, unlimited support. Available 9am-5pm ET.

Frequently asked questions

How do I request a formal quote?

You can request a formal pricing quote here.

What counts as a user?

Anyone within your tenant with an active Office 365 license counts as a user for billing purposes.

What happens if my number of users fluctuates during the year?

Glad you asked! At the moment of your purchase, we’ll charge you based on the actual number of users you have. When you renew your subscription a year later, we’ll revisit your pricing based on the number of users at that time.

Can I pay monthly?

Since ShareGate Apricot is a yearly subscription, payment only happens once a year. You can also take advantage of discounts by signing up for two years or more.

Can I try ShareGate Apricot for free?

Yes! You can try ShareGate Apricot for free for 30 days. Get in touch with us to learn how.

Can I purchase ShareGate Apricot without a credit card?

Absolutely! We offer several payment options. Simply reach out to our sales team if you wish to purchase with a different method of payment.

What permissions does the app require?

ShareGate Apricot needs read and/or write access to specific resources in your Office 365 tenant. For the full list of resources and their associated permission requirements, click here.

Do I need to be a global administrator to use ShareGate Apricot?

Both global admins and SharePoint admins can use the app and all its features. The only time you’ll need a global admin account is for the initial setup.

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