The first month’s on us

After that, get a full year of collaborative governance for less than the price of a latté per user.

$4 USD

per user, per year
billed annually

What’s included:

  • Real-time overview of Office 365 Groups activity
  • Cross-workload monitoring for inactive, potentially obsolete groups
  • End-of-lifecycle automation via trusted group owners
  • Secure, always-accessible archive

Frequently asked questions

How do I request a formal quote?

If you'd like a formal price quote for your organization, click here to send us an email with your request.

What counts as a user?

Anyone within your tenant with an active Office 365 license counts as a user for billing purposes.

Can I skip the trial and purchase a license right away?

You can use all of ShareGate Apricot's features for 30 days before any payment is required. However, if you'd like to make things official before your trial runs out, you can purchase ShareGate Apricot for a full year at any time directly via the app.

What happens when my trial ends?

Once your 30-day trial expires, you’ll be able to continue using ShareGate Apricot for a low annual fee. We hope you’ll stick around! But if you do decide to say goodbye, you’ll have 90 days to retrieve your content from our archive.

Can I pay by the month?

No. We won’t bother you more than once a year with an invoice.

What permissions does the app require?

ShareGate Apricot needs read and/or write access to specific resources in your Office 365 tenant. For the full list of resources and their associated permission requirements, click here.

Do I need to be a global administrator to use ShareGate Apricot?

Only to provide consent during the initial setup. Both global admins and SharePoint admins can use the app and all its features.

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