Manage Azure Costs

Stay on top of your cloud spending

ShareGate Overcast lets you organize Azure billing data to match the way your business is structured. Features like budgets, smart alerts, AI-powered forecasting, and automatic anomaly detection empower everyone to keep cloud costs under control.

ShareGate products are trusted by over 25,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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Map billing data to
real life

Group resources into logical CostHubs to better understand and manage how your Azure costs are allocated, distributed and accrued. All the flexibility you need to match expenses to real-life projects and teams, no manual resource-wrangling required.

CostHubs app screenshot
  • Create CostHubs to keep track of costs for a specific project, service, or business unit
  • Set budgets and custom alerts for your CostHubs to drive accountability and keep spending on track
  • Stay a step ahead of future cost trends thanks to AI-powered forecasting
  • Automatically detect anomalies in cloud spend before it’s too late

ShareGate Overcast took five minutes to set up, and then I was looking at Azure usage data summarized in a more meaningful way than I had ever seen.

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Nic Fletcher
Head of Global IT @ Tobii
Budgets and alerts in ShareGate Overcast


Set spending goals that stick. 

Assign budgets to your CostHubs to track Azure spending for individual projects, services, or business units.

  • Custom thresholds and alerts empower teams to stay on track, month after month.
  • See which resources currently have the most impact on your monthly spending
Intelligent Forecasting app screenshot


See the future. Act today.

ShareGate Overcast uses artificial intelligence to give you a glimpse of what’s ahead.

  • The app analyzes historical usage data, seasonality and holiday effects, and other data points to generate accurate forecasts for your CostHubs
  • Know what to expect for the current month and the next one, and proactively address potential overspending before it happens
AnomalyDetection APP SCREENSHOT


Be the first to know when something unusual happens

ShareGate Overcast automatically detects cloud spend anomalies and promptly notifies you, so you can fix issues sooner.

  • Save time. ShareGate Overcast scans for anomalies every day so you don’t have to
  • Once an anomaly has been detected, speed up your investigation by having all the information you need, right at your fingertips
  • Minimize losses by resolving issues sooner—before you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands
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