Cloud cost visibility for all

Tracking project and infrastructure costs should be simple, even in the cloud. ShareGate Overcast lets you organize Azure billing data into logical groupings that match the way your business is structured.

Or try it out on simulated data right away in our demo environment.

ShareGate products are trusted by over 25,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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Map billing data to
real life

Group resources into logical CostHubs to better understand and manage how your Azure costs are allocated, distributed and accrued. All the flexibility you need to match expenses to real-life projects and teams, no manual report-building required.

CostHubs in ShareGate Overcast
  • Organize your Microsoft Azure billing data in a way that reflects your organization's internal chargeback/showback structure
  • Augment Azure's native tagging functionality with business-friendly groupings
  • View, track, and manage spending contextually via a simple, intuitive interface

ShareGate Overcast took five minutes to set up, and then I was looking at Azure usage data summarized in a more meaningful way than I had ever seen.

Nic Fletcher
Head of Global IT @ Tobii
Cost forecasting in ShareGate Overcast


Understand trends.
Optimize spend. 

ShareGate Overcast analyzes historical usage data to generate a forecast of your future Azure spending. Be aware of what's ahead to prevent snowballing costs before they have a chance to happen.

Dashboards and reporting in ShareGate Overcast


Better visibility, better decision-making.

Get a snapshot of your costs that's fit for human consumption. Drill down into your usage, customize your views, and report on Azure expenses with maximum visibility and value.

  • Flexible dashboards filter out the clutter to show you the information you actually need to see
  • Simple, intuitive reporting features save time and increase accuracy
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