Documents with an anonymous guest link

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With this report, know instantly what documents of your environment have an anonymous guest link.


  • Find out which documents are shared externally to anonymous users with an anonymous guest link
  • Prevent potential security breaches
  • Make sure you don’t forget any anonymous sharing in your environment


  • Disable undesirable anonymous guest links
Document with anonymous guest links enabled report results


SharePoint and Office 365 are, by definition, great collaboration solutions for any organizations out there. And in many, many occasions, collaborating in business equals to sharing files with external parties. You see where this is going, right?

Creating a link in SharePoint to share a document externally can be done faster than saying “potential security breach”. Our point isn’t that anonymous guest links are bad (although you should prefer authenticated users if you can), our point is that unmonitored or forgotten links can quickly spread and find themselves in ill-minded people’s hands. You’re data might be perfectly safe for years. But it could only take a second of inattention to create a breach.

An anonymous link means anyone that has it can access it, don’t forget.

And the only way to know what documents have the option enabled is to check every one of them individually. Needless to say, this could literally take years… Unless you use Sharegate!

We’ve created this report to provide you with a simple means of checking which SharePoint documents might be at risk.

Once the report has run, you’ll get the exhaustive list of every document with anonymous guest links enabled within the selected targets. By default, Sharegate will give you their name, affiliated list, location, and the status of the link (enabled in that case). You can then hand pick which ones should have their link disabled, or select multiple and bulk edit them altogether.

As always, Sharegate also lets you customize your report beforehand. You could need more columns added to the report, easily done!

It’s the fastest way to see and edit those darn anonymous guests links to ensure your SharePoint and Office 365 security is top notch, and that your governance plan is respected. No reasons not to run this bad boy every week!

Save time, keep tabs on your tenant, manage change. All in one place.

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