Documents with a Specific File Extension

Instantly find Office 365 and SharePoint documents with a specific file extension.


  • Validate you Governance plan's file extension rules against your farm or tenant
  • Reduce your hosting storage costs while cleaning unwanted files
  • Find the libraries where they are stored and remove Versioning to help with space and performance
  • Make sure specific content is uploaded in the right location (Videos in the Video Portal, Pictures, etc...)
Documents with a specific file extension report results


SharePoint and Office 365 are office collaboration tools over everything else. Therefore, it would make a lot of sense to find mainly Office or PDF files in your Site Collections. But somehow, SharePoint (and Office 365) became the catchall place for every single type of files one could find, no matter what rules you've clearly stated.

The other thing with non Office/PDF files: they can take a huge amount of storage space! And while we've all appreciated browsing through the 1000+ cats-in-funny-outfits photos on Bill from accounting's MySite he so kindly shared with us, server space is a precious resource. Finding and isolating these documents with their file extension could literally save you PETABYTES! It would also take you months if not years...

Good thing Sharegate's here! This report will allow you to find any document based on their file extension.

Once you've run this clever report, Sharegate will give you the name, affiliated list, location in your environment for every rule breaking files, and of course, its format extension.

Now let's say your Governance plan includes other type of files that you don't want to see. No sweat! You can simply customize the query with every format you want to exclude (Since the report searches for files that shouldn't be here, this means that you choose to exclude the type of files that have their place in your environment.)

As always, Sharegate comes packed with great time saving functionalities to help SharePoint Admins be proficient in their work. No more hustle! Get back to what really deserves your attention.

Save time, keep tabs on your tenant, manage change. All in one place.

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