Lists using Workflows

This report allows you to quickly find all your SharePoint and Office 365 Lists using workflows.


  • Find all lists using workflows before migrating
  • Build an inventory of out-of-the-box & SharePoint Designer Workflows used in your SharePoint lists & libraries
  • Control your SharePoint environment's performance issues that can be caused by too many workflows
  • Monitor and Enforce Governance Policies such as where Workflows should be created


  • Find the owners of the sites that have these Workflows to contact them
  • Export to Excel to build an inventory with the information desired
Lists using workflows report results


Workflows are really useful and can save you a lot of time by automating and improving your business processes. Almost every companies working on SharePoint & Office 365 uses workflows in all sorts of ways. Workflows will help you automate the movement of documents and items through a sequence of actions or tasks. A basic, but popular scenario, is the content approval process of a document in a library.

It's important to know where you have these Workflows rolling. They can impact quite a bit on your content if you aren't aware of what they do.

And what if you have to move lists & libraries from one location to another? How can you quickly tell that this specific list uses workflows? Sure, there are PowerShell scripts out there you could run, but it should be simpler than that right?

Right! This report really is useful to build an inventory of all your lists using workflows.

The search results will give you the title of the list and library and the site address where it's located. You can add any useful information you want by adding new columns to your search or modify filters in order to have more precise results for your needs. You can always export your search results to Microsoft Excel to keep the list in your documents, or add your results to the Basket for manual editing.

This report could become handy before a migration. SharePoint and Office 365 migration best practices state that your workflows must not contain any active tasks when migrating. This could lead to some problems and you wouldn't find the exact same environment at destination. Since almost any of your lists or libraries could be using workflows, you need to know which ones must be checked out more thoroughly before migrating. Of course, if you try to migrate your lists, Sharegate will alert you that you still have active tasks on your lists. But why not do it before, so that you ensure everything will run smoothly? Better safe than sorry!

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