Lists with Custom Permissions

Run this useful report to find any lists with custom permissions in your SharePoint environment.


  • Find lists with custom permissions (broken permissions inheritance)
  • Ensure that the concerned users have access to what they need
  • Discover potential security issues with your lists and libraries
  • Confirm that the security measures of your governance plan are respected


  • Decide to change the permissions to inherit back from parent
  • Change the Anonymous Access Options
  • Disable Offline Sync for these libraries
  • Change versioning settings on them to recover from potential mistakes
  • Enable Content Approval in bulk to get better control on what changes
Lists with custom permissions report results


You've probably done a great job writing your SharePoint Governance plan, shared it with the entire company, and given extensive training to every single user. There shouldn't be any problems, right? Right...

Don't get us wrong here, breaking inheritance on SharePoint objects like a list or document library can be perfectly fine. You didn't want the Site Collection or Site permissions to cascade down to them for a good reason. But that's you, the almighty SharePoint Administrator or Power User. The reality however can be different, with many of these getting custom permissions for quick and easy fixes without looking at the possible impacts.

SharePoint and Office 365 permissions are easily tempered with for the worst, and breaking inheritance on objects is no exception.

Thankfully, Sharegate can find all lists with custom permissions (broken inheritance) in just a few clicks.

The report's default settings will provide you with the SharePoint lists and library titles, site address, and the custom permissions status. Of course, you can pick other columns to be displayed in the report before running it, but we figured that this would be a good start. Once you've identified your lists with custom permissions, select them in the report (or all of them), and edit the Custom Permission setting for the value you want (probably disabled to inherit back from the parent).

This Sharegate report will help SharePoint Administrators make sure their users have access to everything they're supposed to, and save them a lot of time doing it. However you decide to manage the custom permissions in your SharePoint or Office 365 environment, you can now identify them oh so quickly, with Sharegate.

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