Lists with too many items

This report will return all the libraries and lists with too many items within your SharePoint and Office 365. We've set the threshold to 5000 items by default.


  • Contact the users of the library or lists with too many items to help them resolve the issue
  • Find all lists and libraries that might be a risk to your SharePoint performance
  • Validate that they can be migrated to Office 365 without issue (the threshold can't be modified)


  • Change the list properties of your search results
  • Use Sharegate to copy the content to a new list or library with settings to allow over 5000 items
List with too many items report results


SharePoint and Office 365 are at the center of your organization, meaning that they are heavily used. Your end users can easily create new data, so the amount of items in a list or library can quickly become overwhelming.

Technically, SharePoint & Office 365 lists or libraries can hold up to as much as 50 millions items. This is why you can end up with huge lists with too many items. When this happens, it becomes difficult to find anything in there, not mentioning the poor performance of SharePoint & Office 365 resulting from that overload.

Have you ever received an email from your user regarding this error message: "This view cannot be displayed because it exceeds the list view threshold (5000 items) enforced by the administrator"?

For performance reasons, both platform have a "List View Threshold" which is set by default to 5000 items. On SharePoint On-Premises, you can always play with this limit, but you have to understand the impact it might have on your server performance. Unfortunately, Office 365 doesn't allow you to change it.

The vast majority of list and library operations will be blocked if the limit is exceeded. So your users will be left out, all alone in the dark... and you'll receive a support request!

With Sharegate, you can turn the tide, and inform your users before they even get the error message.

This is why this report, allowing you to find all the lists with too many items, is so useful.

As with all other reports in Sharegate, you can customize your search filters to find any number of items within a list or a library. You can also add useful columns to your search results in order to find more information about those lists. In fact, if you'd want to really prevent this from happening, you could tweak the report to 4000 items.

Once you have your report results containing lists with too many items, you can change these lists properties, or export them to Excel in order to keep a track of your threshold-exceeding-lists, and take appropriate actions.

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