Lists with Versioning Disabled

This report is great to locate every library & list with versioning disabled around your Office 365 or SharePoint farms.


  • Make sure users are following best practices (i.e. versioning)
  • Prevent the loss of important information
  • Allow multiple editors in real time with Office Web App


  • Enabled versioning on all lists and libraries missing it
  • Set Content Approval on Lists and Libraries to safeguard your content without versioning
  • Change the minor and major version limits for the lists and libraries
  • Set the Security for Draft Items if you decide to enable them
List with no versioning report results


Office 365 and latter versions of SharePoint allow for unprecedented collaborative work on Office documents. With Microsoft Office Web Apps, multiple users can work simultaneously on the same documents, leave each other comments and suggestions, and contribute to the team effort like never before.

Enabling versioning on a list or library will allow for this multi user collaboration to take place in every document comprised in said library and recover or track the changes. This can be done in the list's settings quite easily, let's say 30 seconds if we consider you know exactly what list needs to be edited. Now do 30 seconds times the number of your lists to edit (again, considering you know what lists to edit or not). Yup! Hope you didn't have anything planned this weekend!

Sharegate can find the libraries & lists with versioning disable and enable it in bulk for you.

Just run this nifty report, it'll enumerate every library and list with versioning disabled in your selected locations or entire farm. It'll give you their names, Site address, and the status of the versioning feature (i.e. disabled). From this point, you can either select all of them or pick the specific ones you'd want to edit or export to Excel based on whatever guideline you have in place.

Obviously, enabling the versioning on lists with versioning disabled won't magically find older versions of the files in it. This is precisely why you should consider running this report every week or so. It's quick to run with Sharegate, and will save your users a LOT of time! Don't wait, turn your SharePoint and/or Office 365 to the collaboration beast it was meant to be.

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