Office 365 External Users

This report allows you to list all Office 365 External users that can access your Sites, Lists, Libraries, Folders, List Items and Documents.


  • Catch human errors that share Sites or Documents to an external user
  • Ensure the right usage of Office 365 External Sharing options
  • Confirm that the right external users have access to the right content or sites
  • Validate that your Site Collections & Sites are secure
  • Identify potential security breaches from outside your organization


  • Use the inventory to remove External Users where they don't belong
Office 365 External Users Report Search Results


You're better safe than sorry! Office 365 external users bring new ways of thinking your environment security, and the best example would be the possibility for any of your users to share your content or sites with anyone in the outside world. You got it, this means that your content could easily be at risk.

The concept of Office 365 external users is really complex to understand. There are multiple ways to share the same content to an external user, and it gives them different permissions on the content. If it's complex for tech savvy people like us, imagine what it can be for your end users. A human error could easily cause your entire Site to be accessible to an external collaborator.

Scary right? If only you had a way to list all those external users...

Luckily, Sharegate allows you to run this report against your cloud environment to get the exhaustive list of all the Office 365 external users that have access to your content or sites.

This list will come in handy to assess your Office 365 security since you can quickly get an overview of where External Users exist in your organization's tenant. This report can be included in a weekly routine to validate that your Office 365 is secure, and to prevent security breaches.
By default, this report will give you the name of the user and the site address that he has access to. You can easily change or add new columns to it if you need more information on the external users like their email addresses or the account they logged in with.

With Sharegate's search results, you can also export all your Office 365 external users to Excel and continue your investigation outside of your environments.

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