Sites with explicit permissions to users

This report will allow you to find SharePoint & Office 365 sites with explicit permissions given to users throughout your environments.


  • Find sites with explicit permissions given to users
  • Ensure that users have access to what they need and only that
  • Discover potential security issues with your sites and subsites
  • Confirm that the security measures of your governance plan are respected
  • Follow best practices in never granting access directly to a user


  • Revoke the users' access
  • Change the site's permissions to add the user to the appropriate groups
Site with explicit permissions to users report results


We all know that SharePoint or Office 365 environments can quickly get pretty messy. Even more so when we talk about your users permissions. Granting explicit permissions to an individual user, even if he's the CEO of your organization, will have long lasting implications.

The problem often arises when you have organizational changes or simply when someone new comes in and requires the same access to sites than his colleague. Without adding users to appropriate groups, the task of finding where he or she has access to grant the same to this new user will be extremely tedious and, if I may say, annoying.

This practice of not giving explicit permissions to a user has existed for a long time with our Shared Drives, and needs to be continued in SharePoint or Office 365. However, even if you know this, it doesn't always prevent users from doing it anyway.

Instead, use Sharegate to search through all your sites and find the ones with explicit permissions given to users.

The default report will give you all the information you need on these sites that aren't following your Governance Security Policy. Title of the site, address and if the site has Broken Inheritance of permissions and is managing them by itself.

An option for you would be to add the Site Owners as part of the Sharegate report so that you can contact them and have them fix the issue themselves. Another one would be to use Security Actions available in Sharegate to remove this and rebuild it appropriately.

Keep it simple and make it last through the test of time. Security is crucial, but made easier with Sharegate.

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