Unused Documents

Run this report to find every unused documents that no one has edited in a given time in your SharePoint or Office 365. By default, we set it to 6 months.


  • Build an inventory of unused documents that may be ready to be archived or deleted
  • Free server space and save on storage fees by removing unused files
  • Lighten your environment before a migration and only take what you need
  • Remove documents before they can be used in a lawsuit against you
Unused documents report results


Get the mop out, it's spring cleaning time again! On a serious note, the SharePoint documents stored on your server or on Office 365 aren't really like French wine, they won't get better with time if left undisturbed.

SharePoint, both On-Premises and on Office 365, allows you to build Retention Policies to help you automate some of this. For obvious reasons, we don't want to keep unused documents, the ones that are out of date or simply no longer needed. And if you no longer need to keep it legally, you definitely want to get rid of it before any potential lawsuit comes and freezes it.

However, not all of your different documents or files may be associated with one of these Retention Policies. And for all of these other files or simply because you haven't set these up, it's still important and insightful to be aware of them.

This is precisely what this report's for: find unused documents that haven't been modified in over x amount of time.

The out-of-the-box report will provide you with the name, list, location, and last modified date of documents without activity in the last 6 months. You can add any other columns you'd like to see appear in your report prior to running it or change the timeframe.

Sharegate brings this report beyond documents as well. You could very well look for entire unused SharePoint Site Collections, Lists or Libraries as well. And if the 6 months period's bothering you, just choose from days, weeks, months or years, set the number you find suitable, and VOILA! Sharegate has found what you are looking for.

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